Lovely cars gathered for Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival

Last Sunday, we headed to the Cotswolds, for the Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival. It gathered several hundreds of classic cars, for our greatest pleasure.

The Rotary Club of Tewkesbury organised this event in order to rase funds for the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, and what a show! Over 700 cars and more than 200 bikes were there. From the early eras to the latest dream cars, you could enjoy anything.

Like in Mark, Milton Keynes or even Gloucester, it was possible to admire all the finest Birtish cars From the humble Austin Seven to the gigantic Rolls Royce 28HP, you could enjoy almost any car that marked the debut of British automotive History. You could also enjoy some far younger Fords or Jaguars.

However, if you enjoyed more exotic cars, there were a lot of cars from Europe and abroad as well. The Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival mixed them with the British ones.

Anyway, whatever car you liked the owners were there to talk about it and share their passion. It was really enjoyable for me, since I was there to write this article. But I was also showing my car. And definitely passion has no borders. People were even pleased to see that foreigners were allowed like anyone else.

The Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival was definitely a welcoming event, with a lot of cars and market stalls. It’s a perfect family event and we can not wait for next year!

You can have a look at all our pictures in our flickr gallery.

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Gloucester Motor Show 2016: Sad weather for joyful people

Last weekend, Highnam Court hosted the Gloucester Motor Show 2016. From the oldest to the newest car, it was definitely a place to be for a car enthusiast, as we described it a few days ago.

Despite the rain, a lot of people came here to see the beautiful vehicles exposed. But the Gloucester Motor Show 2016 also offered a lot of activities, like the Fashion and Style Marquee for the ladies, or several areas dedicated to the children. You could attend a demonstration of traditional dance or a gospel concert on the Saturday afternoon.

This event is definitely focused on cars, hence its name. All the local dealers were here to introduce their range. Allowing us to discover the latest Audi R8 or the latest Ford Mustang (finally with a wheel on the right side!), for example.

But the best part of the Gloucester Motor Show 2016 is definitely the classic and vintage cars brought by enthusiast owners. Lagonda, Sunbeam, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Bentley, Austin… All the British finest brands were here for our greatest pleasure.

More modern cars were there as well, allowing people to enjoy European and Japanese cars.

There were some peculiar cars to notice. The first Range Rover P38 delivered to the Police, that escorted Lady Diana’s hearse was there. There was a French Amilcar cyclecar too (the story suggests it was buried during World War II to avoid being taken). You could see a really rare Hillman Zagato Imp (only 3 were produced in 1963-1964). The Auto Union “Ugly Duckling” prototype, designed by Paul Jaray, was there as well. Its aerodynamic design was impossible to miss.

The Gloucester Motor Show 2016 welcomed old lorries and tractors as well, and a small area was dedicated to old machinery.

It definitely was a nice show, and the owners were really kind. It was a pleasure sharing a small talk about their car. If you missed it this year, save the date for 2017 !

You can find all our photos in our album.


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