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Think big, think NEC Classic Motor Show 2016

Last week-end, we were in Birmingham, for the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, aka NEC Classic Motor Show. It definitely is the biggest indoor motoring event in the UK. Let’s have a tour.


For this 33rd outing, the NEC Classic Motor Show 2016 offered 1,000,000 square feet of cars, professionals and clubs. Despite such a space, it was hard to move. It was completely crowded for 3 days! But it was really worth it, it was pure delight for the classic car enthusiasts.

The biggest classic motoring club event in Europe

252 car clubs were exhibiting along with 21 motorbike clubs. Even Techno Classica Essen can’t compete. Among them, you could find a club for almost any British manufacturer, but there also were clubs dedicated to more “exotic” cars like the small German manufacturer Bitter, for example.

A huge autojumble

With 650 exhibitors and traders, the NEC Classic Motor Show 2016 is UK’s biggest indoor autojumble. It’s impossible for anyone to say they couldn’t find what they want, unless you missed the stall you needed. And with such a vast place, it could easily happen.

An incredible amount of cars for sale at the NEC Classic Motor Show 2016

There was also a huge area dedicated to classic cars for sale by dealers. In the middle of it, the Silverstone Auctions sale was probably the most impressive with no less than 120 cars waiting for bidders!

A celebrity meeting

The NEC Classic Motor Show 2016 was the place to be for a lot of TV hosts. Mike Brewer, Edd China, Fuzz Townshend, Jesse McClure or even Ant Antstead were there, and spent a lot of time on stage, while Tim Shaw was just visiting on Saturday. Sir Stirling Moss was also present for an interview, for our delight.

Dreams rides

The Sporting Bears offered dream rides during those three days. With a donation (its price depending on the car you wanted), you could enjoy a 10-mile ride in the passenger seat of beautiful cars. This club makes people dream come true for a few minutes, raising funds for children’s charities across the UK. From a tiny Nissan Figaro to the astonishing Pagani Huayra, people could enjoy memorable sensations!

Alas, it is now over, we can’t wait to get there next year!

You can find all our picture in our flickr gallery.

Photo Credits: Classic Car News, Poppyseed Media

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Back in time at the Northleach Steam & Vintage Show 2016

Last Friday, we were traveling back to the future with the come back of the DeLorean. On Sunday, we took our ticket to the past, the real one. We went to the Northleach Steam & Vintage Show 2016.

Northleach has been related to steam rallies since the 1950s. A few years ago the event became the Northleach Steam & Vintage Show. It gathers a lot of full size and scale steam engines along with stationary engines. But they are not alone, you can also see vintage tractors, military and commercial vehicles, and obviously classic cars.

We avoided the rain on Saturday and came on Sunday, when the sun was shining, for the pleasure of the audience. The demonstrations of old machinery were just astonishing. It was the perfect event for children to discover what their grand parents and even their parents life was like.

Here is a little sample of all the beautiful pieces we could see at the Northleach Steam & Vintage Show 2016, you can see all our pictures on our flickr gallery.

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A lovely Sunday at Tetbury Classic Car Show 2016

Last Sunday, we headed to Tetbury for the Tetbury Classic Car Show 2016. Despite the cloudy weather, there were hundreds of cars to see and a lot of people came.

You might think I spend my time in the Cotswolds. It’s true, I won’t deny it. But with such lovely events, it would be a shame to avoid them. This week, the Tetbury Classic Car Show 2016 was raising funds for Allsorts and several local causes. Once again, a lot of people came to show their car for such an event, and the audience was there as well.

From the popular Vauxhall Nova to the quite rare (2 cars registered in the UK) Lamborghini Islero, you could enjoy almost any kind of car ever made. You can find a little sample below, and all our pictures in our flickr gallery.

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Lovely cars gathered for Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival

Last Sunday, we headed to the Cotswolds, for the Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival. It gathered several hundreds of classic cars, for our greatest pleasure.

The Rotary Club of Tewkesbury organised this event in order to rase funds for the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, and what a show! Over 700 cars and more than 200 bikes were there. From the early eras to the latest dream cars, you could enjoy anything.

Like in Mark, Milton Keynes or even Gloucester, it was possible to admire all the finest Birtish cars From the humble Austin Seven to the gigantic Rolls Royce 28HP, you could enjoy almost any car that marked the debut of British automotive History. You could also enjoy some far younger Fords or Jaguars.

However, if you enjoyed more exotic cars, there were a lot of cars from Europe and abroad as well. The Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival mixed them with the British ones.

Anyway, whatever car you liked the owners were there to talk about it and share their passion. It was really enjoyable for me, since I was there to write this article. But I was also showing my car. And definitely passion has no borders. People were even pleased to see that foreigners were allowed like anyone else.

The Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival was definitely a welcoming event, with a lot of cars and market stalls. It’s a perfect family event and we can not wait for next year!

You can have a look at all our pictures in our flickr gallery.

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A quick tour at Mark Moor International Vehicle Festival

After some huge events like Le Mans Classic and Silverstone Classic, coming back to a human-sized event is quite refreshing. The Mark Moor International Vehicle Festival was perfect to get back to “reality”.

Dozens of cars were gathered in the village of Mark, for the pleasure of the visitors. From the early days of automotive engineering to the latest sports car, from Europe to America via Japan, everyone could find something to like.

Mark Moor International Vehicle Festival-10

Once again it was possible to see quite rare cars. There was one of the 79 Bristol 410 ever made, or one of the 13 Venturi Atlantique 300 ever built with right-hand drive (56 overall does not make it a common car either). You could also see a Sterling Nova, known for its unique door.

You can find below a little sample of all the amazing cars you could find at the Mark Moor International Vehicle Festival. All our pictures are available in our flickr album.


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37th Bristol Classic Car Show: everything for the enthusiast

We were writing about it a few weeks ago. Last week-end, Classic Car News was at Bath & West Showground, in Shepton Mallet, for the 37th Bristol Classic Car Show. Between clubs, parts and cars exposed, any enthusiast could find what he was looking for.

The visitors know that, since there were a lot of people during the weekend. Some of them were looking for parts or tools at the autojumble stalls. Some others were just admiring the cars exposed by the clubs. In all, more than a hundred exhibitors were gathered in the halls, the pavilion and outside.

A lot of iconic cars from the pop culture

One of the main features of the 37th Bristol Classic Car Show was obviously the cars that appeared in TV shows and films. You could see Herbie from The Love Bug franchise, the three Minis from The Italian Job or a replica of the Dodge Charger you could see in The Dukes of Hazzard. There was also a replica of K.I.T.T. form Knight Rider and one of Starsky & Hutch‘s Grand Torino.

The first Volvo P1800 ever used in The Saint was there as well, in company with The Flintstones‘ Volvo. You could also see a Ford Capri from The Minder.

An astonishing amount of cars

More than 50 clubs were showing cars from all the eras of British motoring. However, owners could also show their own classic on the dedicated areas outside.

Bristol Classic Car Show 2016-698

From AC to Zagato, you could enjoy almost every car manufacturer from the last century. You could see a huge variety of cars, from the most popular, like Minis, to the most luxurious, such as Bentleys.

Some american cars were there as well, bringing an exotic touch with them. Cadillac, Ford USA, Buick, Chevrolet… There was at least one car for every brand that existed on the other side of the ocean.


To sum up, the 37th Bristol Classic Car Show, was a really entertaining event due to the cars, the small concerts etc. However I have one little reproach to make, the cars were parked a little too close to each other. It did not reduced the pleasure to see those beautiful pieces, but it made it hard to get you some nice pictures. In a word, I had to find something to be able to say it wasn’t perfect, but I admit it, it’s a minor argument.

You can find our 900 pics in our Flickr album.


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Bristol Classic Car Show 2016 : aaand Action !

Next week, Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th June, the Bristol Classic Car Show 2016 will gather the largest amount of cars in the South West.

This year, the show theme is ‘TV Cars’, so you will see a lot of cars that bewitched you when you were younger: replicas of General Lee, Knight Rider, Herbie and the Italian Job Minis, and even the original Volvo P1800 that Sir Roger Moore drove in the Saint!

But it’s not the only part of the show, throughout the week-end an area is dedicated to the demonstration of British stock cars, allowing the audience to discover a wide variety of stripped back racing machines.

On Sunday, the Charterhouse Auction will provide the grand finale of the show, with its 89 cars and automobilia lots to sale, including a 1968 Jaguar E-Type, estimated to reach between £65,000 and £75,000!

1968 Jaguar E-Type Series II 4.2 Coupé 1

A lot of clubs have confirmed their attendance and over 100 traders have booked their plot. The organizers are expecting the Bristol Classic Car Show 2016 to be the best one yet.

So if you want to take the nostalgia road , head to the Bath & West Showground in Shepton Mallet! We will be there, so, stay tuned for a full review.

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Cars for charities at Gloucestershire Motor Show 2016

Next week, Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th June 2016, the Gloucestershire Motor Show 2016 will gather
hundreds of classic and vintage cars in the gardens of Highnam Court. It also will host the newest cars provided by over 25 dealerships and specialists manufacturers.

You will be able to Gloucestershire Motor Show 2016have a glimpse of the future as well at the Engineering Zone, sponsored this year by Renishaw.

The weekend will offer a lot of activities for the whole family from face painting for the children to fashion shows for both ladies and gentlemen (schedule here).

Local exhibitors will join the event as well. They will offer a wide range of products.

So if you fancy a lovely family weekend with beautiful cars, don’t hesitate. It is even a good deed, since the proceed go to the Pied Piper Appeal.

We will be there and provide you a full review, stay tuned




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Techno Classica Essen, the biggest show in Europe

We talked about it last week. We had the chance to be present for the biggest classic car show in Europe, Techno Classica Essen.

Some of you might say that the biggest show is Retroclassics in Stuttgart. It’s true, if you consider its surface. However, Techno Classica Essen is far ahead concerning the amount of visitors or its aura.

Let’s take an example, the central hall, hall 6. There, people talk German, French, English, and some other languages I don’t recognize.
Other exemple, when a show wants make a special exhibition about Mille Miglia cars, you can see Mille Miglia cars, When Essen wants to do an exhibition about 1955 Mille Miglia race, you get as many cars, and all have actually raced that specficic year.

The rest of the hall is full of cars, automobilia, leather, accessories or books salers. One big third of the hall is occuped by french exhibitors you don’t even see at Rétromobile.

The atmosphere changes when you reach the area dedicated to the car clubs. The cars are really nice and the scenery is well made. Several cars sold by private owners were available there as well.

Two halls are dedicated to part sellers, or they rather used to. Even if there were still some parts available, more and more parts sellers are replaced by sellers of magazines or apparel. And you can’t avoid the usual scale model sellers.

You could see really nice automobilia stuff, there were a lot of sellers spread all over the show. Only the oldest sellers can get the place they want. There was an interesting gathering of artists in hall 4 (and we are gonna talk about some of them in our Arty Saturdays).

If you wanted to see big spaces dedicated to car manufacturers, it wasn’t really an issue. VAG had its own hall, where Bugattis shared the spotlights with more popular cars, like Skodas. Some unseen Audi prototypes competed with the Miuras, considering how beautiful they were. And Combis looked up and down Porsche 924s. That space was really big and well-lit, a scenery masterpiece.

Mercedes was astonishing as well : as well as having a dedicated hall, they took a huge space in another one. Half of hall 2 was dedicated to their soft-top cars, from all periods and no matter their value. The cars were sublime and the scenery glorified them.
In hall 3, Mercedes partners were there to sell the best looking models in a huge space.

BMW shared its own hall with Mini, as usual. For its 100th anniversary, the roudel brand took more place than usual and the clubs prepared really nice exhibitions. For example, the M1 shown was owned by a private owner, it wasn’t coming form BMW Museum !

Ford, Volvo, Maserati and Ferrari were more discreet in Techno Classica Essen. Their stands were nice, but not as big as the three mais local companies. Opel put emphasis on their latest concept car, and a model wi will talk about soon, the Opel GT.

Let’s take some fresh air outside. You can find more cars here for sale. Private owners are alongside professionals and there are even extra cars for the big sellers we saw inside.

Between the best and lesser known sellers. No less than 2500 cars were on sale. Some stands were too crowded with cars. If hadn’t paid attention, i would have ended sitting on a F50 while trying to take a picture of a Porsche 918…
Fortunately, some stands were more airy. And the cars were wonderful, tens of Ferrari 250 and Porsches, obviously, you could go nowhere without seeing one.

Techno Classica Essen is over. It really is an extraordinary show and you should go there at least once.

Our other pictures are available on our gallery.

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