Arcturial Auction at Le Mans Classic: bad day? Not for them

Once again, we are far from the records from last year. However, with 60% of the lots sold, it could have been far worse. Matthieu Lamoure, managing director of  Arcturial, is quite satisfied, considering the fall of the British pound that followed the Brexit and scared some investors.

Million-worth cars unsold

The main sale of this auction was the Ferrari 250 GT SWB. It’s a special car since it features Solex carburetors instead of the usual Weber. Furthermore, it was the car shown at Paris Motor Show in 1961. It reached €7.6 millions but did not reach the reserve price, still unknown.

A Ferrari 330 GTS was estimated between €1,700,000 and €1,900,000, it didn’t find a buyer as well.
As a result, the Porsche 935 driven by Hervé Poulain at 1980 Le Mans 24 sold at €1,301,600 (estimated between €1,100,000 and €1,500,000) was the most expensive car sold.

The million-euro club also included a 1947 Delage D6 3.0L Grand Prix de 1947, a Ferrari F40 and a 1988 Aston-Martin V8 Vantage Volante X-Pack, but none of them were sold. Only a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL reached its price (between €700,000 ans €1,100,000) hammered at €953,600.

Compared to what we saw until Retromobile, it’s a huge drawback.

€8,810,847 in total

It’s far from the amounts we were getting used to. Even the “low cost” cars couldn’t help. But we noticed some interesting cars:

  • a Ferrari Testarossa Spider by Lorenz & Rankl, est. between €170,000 and €230,000, unsold.
  • a 1953 Bandini 750 Sport Bialbero , est. €375,000-425,000, unsold
  • a 1992 Lancia Delta Evo 1 Martini 5, est. €85,000-120,000, unsold
  • a Fiat 131 Abarth Rally Gr.4, est. €180,000-220,000, unsold
  • a Dodge Viper RT-10 that ran 1994 Le Mans 24 Hours, est. €200,000-300,000, sold for €214,560
  • a Bugatti Type 57 Ventoux factory coach, est. €250,000-350,000, soared to €524,480.
  • a 1937 Citroën Traction 11 BL Cabriolet, est. €70,000-90,000, sold for €113,240
  • a 1988 Venturi Cup 221, est. €25,000-35,000 sold for €30,992.

Other cars were to be noticed, at least to enjoy them, for what of being able to buy them:

  • a 1949 Delahaye 135 M cabriolet Guilloré, est. €100,000-200,000, sold for €107,980
  • a Lancia Delta S4 prototype, est. €300,000-400,000, unsold
  • a factory Lancia 037 Gr. B Evolution 2, est. €450,000-650,000, unsold
  • a Citroën 2CV Sahara, ridiculously highly estimated between €70,000 and €90,000, was sold €79,864
  • a 1966 McLaren M1B, est. €200,000-260,000, sold at €216,944
  • a 1949 Delahaye 148 L Berlinette by Antem, est. €200,000-280,000, reached €250,320
  • a 1973 Lancia Fulvia HF Group 4, est. €150,000-180,000, unsold
  • a 1974 soft top Fiat 500 “édition finale”, est. €15,000-20,000, sold for €15,496

Even if the catalog was really enjoyable, the auction was quite quiet, like any other auction at tee moment…

You can find all the results here.

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Arty Saturdays: After the Race

We discovered them in the Village at Le Mans Classic. After the Race is a project led by two Belgians chaps who show quite peculiar works.

Jean-Denis Claessens is a designer, fond of speed. His first company was named Boomerang. Then he raced in several rallyes with Escort RS2000 or BMW E30.

Edmond “Pogo” Thonnard is one of the pioneers of europeans street art. Being a car enthusiast too, he brings his skills in hyperrealism to After the Race.

After the Race was created as a tribute to race cars. Using bonnets or doors, mainly from Porsches and BMWs, the two guys use street art techniques to recreate the livery of these mythical cars, before “aging” them with secret recipes.

Enjoy this little sample of their work, and don’t hesitate to visit their website.

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This is madness! No this is Le Mans Classic 2016!

Is the hot temperature responsible for such an incredible Le Mans Classic 2016? The fair weather helped a lot. For everything else, you just had to enjoy the amount of cars gathered and the talent (or its absence) of the drivers.

This week will be dedicated to Le Mans Classic, because there is a lot to share about such an event. We will start with a general presentation.

Out of the track, impossible to decide where to go at Le Mans Classic 2016

Let’s begin with what was available out of the track. Classics are here, from everywhere! It starts from the campsites of Le Mans Classic 2016, especially in the Camping du Houx, where were gathered most of the racing teams.

Then, we reached the Bugatti race track. The “small” circuit of Le Mans welcomed clubs. There was any kind of car you could like. Once again the Porsche club was the largest here, with more than 1,000 cars.

The other clubs set up all around the track. Some of them presented a large amount of cars, like the GT40 club. Some “multibrand” clubs brought a lot of cars as well. Their members might have been attracted by the driving sessions available (I was in one of them, and it’s really enjoyable).

At the end of the club area, you could find a large area gathering Alpines, including the latest Vision concept. They were facing Porsches that escaped the Museum to be exposed here and the huge tent of Arcturial.
The Parisian auction house chose Le Mans Classic 2016 for a beautiful sale. The Ferrari 250 GT SWB went over €7 millions but didn’t reach the reserve price… We’ll talk about the sale soon.

Behind, there was an area that you could easily miss. It was recreating a queue on the Nationale 7 road and a little 50’s campsite.

Let’s enter the paddocks. You had to pay an extra fee to be able to enter, and had to present your pass to enter. However, there is a little issue, there are far too many people authorized to enter for the teams to work with enough space. It’s hard for the audience to see the cars, with such a crowd. For the “stars”, like the Ford GT40 or the Ferrari 250 LM, we had to try several times during the week-end to be able to get pictures.
The Group C had a huge tent on the Bugatti circuit, however, they only got there on Saturday evening, spending most of the time in the paddocks instead.

The activity in the pit lane was worth looking at, as well. There were two ways of enjoying it: fighting your vertigo directly above, or on the other side of the track.

On the other side of the paddocks, you could find the Village. It gathered artists, part sellers, clothing, books, etc. Anything for the car enthusiasts, luckily they were everywhere!

On the upper side of the Village, you could find the Le Mans Héritage Club show. It featured cars that raced Le Mans throught the ages.

Car manufacturers offered nice shows as well. Alfa Romeo/Fiat were introducing the new Giulia and new 124 alongside some of their most known ancestors, while BMW was celebrating its 100th anniversary. You could also enjoy the car transporter show, set by the FFVE. You could see the Ferrari lorry that you can see quite often at Retromobile, or the famous Ecurie Ecosse lorry carrying a Jaguar D-Type.

On Friday, it was quite easy to move from one point to another and enjoy the visit. However, on Saturday and Sunday, it was really hard to move, unless you were an early bird.

On the track of Le Mans Classic 2016

This definitely was the main attraction of Le Mans Classic 2016. Any off-track ride, any overtaking, any contact was followed by cheers. We will provide you the results of each grid in the days to come.

Let’s start with the two grids that were somehow out of the competition during Le Mans Classic 2016. However, they were not out of the show. The first one was probably the most expected grid: the Groupe C Racing. There were a lot of cars that made the glory of the 24 Hours between 1982 and 1992. If 48 contenders were planned, “only” 42 actually raced. The absence of Jaguar was particularly noticeable. So was the absence of the Mazda 787B, which won 25 years ago.
The cars were capricious. And when you see how many people are needed just to start one, you understand why the Sauber-Mercedes spent such a little time on track, why the Lancia LC2 did not join the actual race or why the Nissan R90 CK did not finish, despite leading the race. In the end, the reliable but fast Porsche 962 ruled the race.

The other out of competition grid was dedicated to Jaguar. the XK engine dominated that race, with D-Types competing against C-Types, E-Types and several XK. It was neither the most impressive nor the most expected grid, but it offered a really nice race with really nice cars, even if they were competing in other grids.

They were followed by the “real” races of Le Mans Classic 2016. Let’s start with Grid 1, dedicated to cars that ran Le Mans when tarmac was an unknown product. Some of them even raced with their soft-top, which had to stay in place for the whole race back in the day. If not, they were disqualified, according to the regulations. The cars are real road colossi and the drivers have to grasp the steering wheel in order to drive them properly, even when they are sliding.
As a bonus, those cars had a “Le Mans” start. Even if it was only a simulation that didn’t really open the race. The cars gathered behind the safety car before a more conventional running start. Talbots, Aston Martins and Lagondas were then unleashed, pursued by the other contenders (including some Bentleys or Lorraine Dietrich).

The cars from Grid 2 came from post-WWII. There was a huge amount of Porsche 356s, racing against Jaguar C-Types and D-Types, Maseratis, Lancias, Aston Martins or even a few Ferraris. Some Austin Healeys, Morgans, Lotus XI, and some less common cars such as Callista, DB HBR, Morreti or Allard allowed the grid to offer a nice variety of cars. Concerning the trajectories, it was really variable, some drivers were clean, some left the bast line to avoid being hit, some were enjoying long slides, and others were more… amateur!

The Grid 3 was dominated by a battle for the first places between Jaguar D-Types, Maserati Birdcages and Tojeiro Jaguar. The cars were faster, the sound was more invasive, espacially for the Listers. This grid was a little more balanced, allowing nice duels on the track.
It was a real show, quick and closely fought. Contacts between cars did not seem to be an issue.

The Grid 4 gathered “regular” cars that we see in the Tour Auto every year. The drivers know each other and they did not hesitate to battle fiercely. Usually, you see a brawl between Shelby Cobras and Jaguars E-Types, joined by Ford GT40s from time to time.
However, the long straights of Le Mans give a huge advantage to the Americans. We saw regularly four GT40s at the first places, far ahead of the E-Types that could not use their natural agility to counter the raw power of the Fords. They were followed by Porsche 904s, Morgans and Porsche 911s, and the small Alpine M63 and M65.
It was the last grid to enjoy the Le Mans start, since the next ones never knew it, with the change of regulations.

With the Grid 5, we get closer to what Le Mans looks like nowadays. The Porsche 911s were occupying the GT class, alongside the Corvettes, Chevrons and Ligier JS1. Its big sister, the JS2, was here as well, fighting ahead. There were two Porsche 917s, cars we don’t see much in that kind of event.
They were competing against Lola T70 MkIIIs that we see more often, like at the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or, where only withdrawal could keep them away from winning. The were followed by smaller Lolas, Chevrons, Porsche 906s or even an Alpine A220.

The Grid 6 was gathering the most recent cars. Once again, there were a lot of Porsche 911, but they were not alone. In the GT category, they were battling against Ferrari BB512 LMs, BMW 3.0 CSLs or even Lancia Beta Gr V. But those were not the most interesting Porsches in that grid. You had to look ahead, with the impressive 935s and their astonishing acceleration. And even further ahead the 936 that was faster than more modern cars!
The sound of the cars was just incredible in that grid. In particular, the Matra MS660, with its V12 offered a high pitch really different from the rough sound of the other cars. That grid was the most enjoyable at night, with the flames going out of the reddened exhausts!

Here is was we enjoyed at Le Mans Classic 2016. Peter Auto offered a really nice time, luckily without rain. Le Mans Classic confirmed its status of main classic car event in France.It’s definitely worth coming at least once.

Several posts will follow soon. Stay tuned!

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Editorial: Just dare!

When I moved to the UK, I was expecting almost nothing. I just wanted to change direction in my life, and I had this ludicrous idea, what if I brought the blog I wrote for with me?

Now, just 3 months later, I know it wasn’t that stupid. Even if I don’t share the same culture as you do, we all share the same passion, old cars. Benjamin from News d’Anciennes is a great help for everything concerning the website, and I do my best to be everywhere I can go to provide you new content.

The first weeks were kind of desperate, knowing I was providing posts for my friends, mainly. But now, I know there are other people, you. I don’t even know you, but you are here, reading this site content. And I thank you.

A new guy, Ronan, will join the team soon, dealing with the London area. Another Frenchie, not because we want to stay between frogs, just because I met him by chance and he agreed to join us. Don’t hesitate, if you want to be a part of the team, contact us. We don’t bite.

In the weeks to come, we will cover several events, as soon as Sunday. We will be in London with Ronan for Cars in the Park. Then, I will head back to France for a few days, for Le Mans Classic. Stay tuned, because we will bring you live feed!

Before leaving you, I just want to apologize if my English is not good. I have just arrived here, and I definitely have to improve.

See you soon, and don’t hesitate to comment our content!


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Save the date for Cars in the Park

Next week, the East Barnett Festival will host Cars in the Park, at Oak Hill Park in north London. 

Cars in the Park Flyer

A wide range of vehicles will be on show, including pre-registered club displays. All vehicles on display have a chance of winning one of five Show & Shine trophies.

Since the car show takes place during the East Barnett Festival, you will be able to enjoy this huge fun fair, including live bands, performing arts and a variety of stalls.

Gates open at 10:30 for show vehicles only. There is no pre-booking, you just have to turn up at Oak Hill Park, Church Hill Road, East Barnet, EN4 8JS.

The festival activities start at 12:00, awards at 4pm with live bands, food and drinks until sunset (approx 21:30).

So, save the 3rd of July, for Cars in the Park.

If you want further information, don’t hesitate to visit their facebook page.

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37th Bristol Classic Car Show: everything for the enthusiast

We were writing about it a few weeks ago. Last week-end, Classic Car News was at Bath & West Showground, in Shepton Mallet, for the 37th Bristol Classic Car Show. Between clubs, parts and cars exposed, any enthusiast could find what he was looking for.

The visitors know that, since there were a lot of people during the weekend. Some of them were looking for parts or tools at the autojumble stalls. Some others were just admiring the cars exposed by the clubs. In all, more than a hundred exhibitors were gathered in the halls, the pavilion and outside.

A lot of iconic cars from the pop culture

One of the main features of the 37th Bristol Classic Car Show was obviously the cars that appeared in TV shows and films. You could see Herbie from The Love Bug franchise, the three Minis from The Italian Job or a replica of the Dodge Charger you could see in The Dukes of Hazzard. There was also a replica of K.I.T.T. form Knight Rider and one of Starsky & Hutch‘s Grand Torino.

The first Volvo P1800 ever used in The Saint was there as well, in company with The Flintstones‘ Volvo. You could also see a Ford Capri from The Minder.

An astonishing amount of cars

More than 50 clubs were showing cars from all the eras of British motoring. However, owners could also show their own classic on the dedicated areas outside.

Bristol Classic Car Show 2016-698

From AC to Zagato, you could enjoy almost every car manufacturer from the last century. You could see a huge variety of cars, from the most popular, like Minis, to the most luxurious, such as Bentleys.

Some american cars were there as well, bringing an exotic touch with them. Cadillac, Ford USA, Buick, Chevrolet… There was at least one car for every brand that existed on the other side of the ocean.


To sum up, the 37th Bristol Classic Car Show, was a really entertaining event due to the cars, the small concerts etc. However I have one little reproach to make, the cars were parked a little too close to each other. It did not reduced the pleasure to see those beautiful pieces, but it made it hard to get you some nice pictures. In a word, I had to find something to be able to say it wasn’t perfect, but I admit it, it’s a minor argument.

You can find our 900 pics in our Flickr album.


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Everything you need to know about Le Mans Classic 2016

It’s probably the main event in France about classic race cars. Le Mans Classic 2016 is in less than a month and we can’t wait to be there.

What you need to know about Le Mans Classic 2016

Affiche Le Mans Classic 2016Le Mans Classic 2016 will take place on the 8th, 9th & 10th July on the mythical 24 Hours track. Like the regular 24 Hours, the event brings a lot of people and it will be easy to enjoy the moment in the campings where people of different nationalities are gathered. It may be the only classic car event in France featuring such a thing.

Outside of the track, there will be a lot of activities. There will be a trading village, gathering traders of clothes, scale models, automobilia, documentations and even parts for your classic car.
There will be a retro village as well, it will feature a hairdresser, music, games and even a drive-in cinema to travel back in time.

Concerning cars, they will be scattered all around the village, gathered by theme. We are expecting to see really nice cars, like we did in 2014.

You will find the largest amount of classic cars on the Bugatti circuit. For Le Mans Classic 2016, hundreds of cars will be parked along the track. Some of them will even be driven on the 24h circuit, under pace car, obviously.

There will be a reconstitution of the Nationale 7 road in the village, in order to remember the popular cars of the era.

Depending on your ticket, you can also get in the paddocks, to be as close as possible to the cars that run Le Mans Classic 2016.

There is an auction by Arcturial as well, but we will keep you informed about it soon.

On the track of Le Mans Classic 2016

The atmosphere here is quite unique, but the main reason people come to Le Mans Classic is to see the cars racing on the 13.629 km track. The race cars will let the track to club parades, vintage bus tours and the small cars driven by the children competing Little Big Le Mans.

Let’s talk about the serious stuff, the races cars, since we now know a lot about them.

First of all, the Group C cars will be gathered once again. Some of them were “training” at the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or, and 50 cars are expected ! You will be able to see glorious Le Mans racers, like Peugeot 905, Porsche 962 (12 of them), Sauber-Mercedes, two Nissan, one Toyota and less prestigious cars like Tigas, Spices… Get your ear protections for them, they are the overture of Le Mans Classic. And even if it’s just a show, not a real race, the drivers are driving really fast!

The more “usual” grids will follow. The Grid 1 will gather 65 cars that raced Le Mans between 1923 and 1939. You will be able to see astonishingly fast cars (considering their old age) like Bentley 3 litre and 4.5 litre, Bugatti 35, Alfa Romeo 8C, Aston Martin Ulster, Delahaye 135…

The Grid 2 will offer you 75 cars that raced le Mans between 1949 and 1956. You can expect several C-Type and D-Type Jaguars among the favourites. We noticed in the program that there will be several DB HBR, Frazer Nash Le Mans, Mercedes-Benz 300 SL,  Porsche 356 and 550 as well. To sum up a wide range of pretty cars from an era when there was no spoilers or any aerodynamic appendix on cars.

The Grid 3 will gather 75 cars too, having raced Le Mans between 1957 and 1961. Once again, you will see some Porsche 356s, but there will be Ferrari 250 GT Berlinettas, the famous 250 GT Breadvan, some Lister Jaguars, Lotus Elite, XV, XI, Morgans and AC Aces.

The Grid 4 will make you see cars taht raced between 1962 and 1965. Once again you can expect 75 cars. It will be an exciting race with some of the most known cars : E-Type Jaguar, Porsche 911, Shelby Cobra, Ferrari 250 LM and 275 GTB, Louts Elan, Alpine M63 and M65, Porsche 904. They will join the Ford GT40, celebrating the 50th anniversary of their first win there!

75 cars as well for the Grid 5 of Le Mans Classic 2016. It will gather cars that raced between 1966 and 1971. This grid is also known as Classic Endurance Racing one. You can expect some Alpine A220Chevron B8 or B19, Lola T70, T210 and T212, Porsche 906, 908 and 910. The GT40s will race there as well, along with the legendary Porsche 917!

The last grid, Grid 6, will gather cars from 1972 to 1981. Once again 75 cars will compete. You will see some Chevrons (B21, B31 and B26), Lolas (T286, T298 and T292), Ferrari BB 512LM, Porsche 935, BMW M1 Procar, Porsche 924 GTR, or even a Sauber BMW. These cars are closer to what we see racing nowadays.

Anyway, if you can’t go there, we will. And we will give you live news!

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Gloucester Motor Show 2016: Sad weather for joyful people

Last weekend, Highnam Court hosted the Gloucester Motor Show 2016. From the oldest to the newest car, it was definitely a place to be for a car enthusiast, as we described it a few days ago.

Despite the rain, a lot of people came here to see the beautiful vehicles exposed. But the Gloucester Motor Show 2016 also offered a lot of activities, like the Fashion and Style Marquee for the ladies, or several areas dedicated to the children. You could attend a demonstration of traditional dance or a gospel concert on the Saturday afternoon.

This event is definitely focused on cars, hence its name. All the local dealers were here to introduce their range. Allowing us to discover the latest Audi R8 or the latest Ford Mustang (finally with a wheel on the right side!), for example.

But the best part of the Gloucester Motor Show 2016 is definitely the classic and vintage cars brought by enthusiast owners. Lagonda, Sunbeam, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Bentley, Austin… All the British finest brands were here for our greatest pleasure.

More modern cars were there as well, allowing people to enjoy European and Japanese cars.

There were some peculiar cars to notice. The first Range Rover P38 delivered to the Police, that escorted Lady Diana’s hearse was there. There was a French Amilcar cyclecar too (the story suggests it was buried during World War II to avoid being taken). You could see a really rare Hillman Zagato Imp (only 3 were produced in 1963-1964). The Auto Union “Ugly Duckling” prototype, designed by Paul Jaray, was there as well. Its aerodynamic design was impossible to miss.

The Gloucester Motor Show 2016 welcomed old lorries and tractors as well, and a small area was dedicated to old machinery.

It definitely was a nice show, and the owners were really kind. It was a pleasure sharing a small talk about their car. If you missed it this year, save the date for 2017 !

You can find all our photos in our album.


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Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or 2016 : a nice success for nice cars

Last week-end, between Spa Classic and Le Mans Classic, race cars from any era were gathered at the Dijon-Prenois circuit for the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or 2016. It was once again a success, but it’s not chance.

Throughout the week, organizers, drivers and audience checked the sky. With the bad weather in France the previous days, it was likely to rain during the weekend. It would be a shame if it did…

Fortunately, the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or 2016 nearly avoided all the showers. The sky was grey, but since Friday afternoon, rain was replaced by clouds and a dry track.

Friday the audience was small, but it was a bunch of enthusiasts. There was only a few car in the club area as well. However, it was radically different the next day. Collectors saved the date for the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or 2016. People came to see the Group C cars and the clubs. However, there were less people and cars than last year, due to the weather conditions. “Only” 14,000 people came this year!

The owners who had registered beforehand could drive on the circuit, during club driving sessions. Their speed was far lower than the race cars, but it’s not really usual to drive on the track of Dijon-Prenois.

For the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or 2016, the footbridge leading to the inside of the Parabolique  was open, like the access to the southern part, for the first time in a long while. The audience could go all around the circuit to see the cars.

For those who are curious about the engineering behind those marvelous cars. The paddocks were open to the public. You could see the mechanics work on the cars having issues, or just setting them up.

The main show of the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or 2016 is obviously on the track. Let’s start with the most expected group, the Group C cars. Even if some of them did not attend to every session (I could not see the Lancia LC2 race), some played the game. The speed is astonishing and the drivers don’t hesitate to attack. There is hardly any overtaking due to the difference of performance. However the sound of the cars is just staggering. The better demonstration comes from the Peugeot 905 and its engine that could have been in a F1 (the displacement is the same than the V10 F1 engine). Results will come in another post.

The small Formula Junior were not eagerly-awaited. Their aura is quite faint, even if they had some famous beginning drivers behind the wheel. However they provided an enjoyable show, their small size allowing overtaking and their relative grip offering some nice figures.

They were followed by two touring car groups. The first group, U2TC, featured the “small” cars with an engine of less than 2 liter. Minis, Alfa Rome Giulias and Giulia GTs, BMW 1800 and the Ford Lotus Cortinas were still in the first places and still fast! There were a lot of overtakings and it’s not that simple with a car that slides in every corner.

The Heritage Touring Cup gathered cars of bigger displacement, but those were definitely the Queens of touring car championships. The Ford Escorts and Capris are the fastest and the stay ahead. You could find BMW 635s, 530s, et 2002s, Volvos, and even a Volkswagen Sirocco.

Then we could watch the oldest cars, gathered for the Trophée Légende. This group was recreated by Peter Auto for the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or 2016. It gathered the stars of the 1930s: Bugatti Type 35, Maserati 8CM, Alfa Romeo 8C 2300s, including a Zagato and a Monza. To sum it up, cars you can not believe they can be this fast despite their age!

Of you enjoy Italian cars from the 50-60s, the Trofeo Nastro Rosso is made for you. Only cars related to Italy, but not only Italalian cars, some Porsche 356 Carrera Abarth were there. You could find a lot of Ferraris, mainly 275s and 250s.

The event also featured three groups of endurance cars.The  Classic Endurance Racing 1 gathered GT cars from 1966 to 1974 and prototypes from 1966 to 1971.

The CER 2 gathered GT cars from 1975 to 1981 and prototypes from 1972 to 1981. It was a real show, GTs were fighting against the slowest prototypes. You could see a lot of Chevron, Lola or Porsche 911. The races were really entertaining and the victory was determined only at the last minutes, despite the length of the race sessions.

The last endurance group was the  Sixties Endurance. It was THE race to see Saturday, in the late afternoon for two hours. A lot of teams from the Tour Auto were there, even if some cars were missing. I suppose they were saving them for Le Mans Classic, next month. There was a lot of cars on track, 60. Between the battles for the different places and the traffic to overtake, there was no time to get bored. The Shelby Cobras, Jaguar E-types were leading, fighting against a Bizzarrini. The race saw several safety car interruptions.

The Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or 2016 has now ended and we can not wait to see the cars once more at Le Mans. Concerning Dijon, let’s pray for a better weather next year.

Our 1900 photos of the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or 2016 are available in our gallery here.

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Bristol Classic Car Show 2016 : aaand Action !

Next week, Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th June, the Bristol Classic Car Show 2016 will gather the largest amount of cars in the South West.

This year, the show theme is ‘TV Cars’, so you will see a lot of cars that bewitched you when you were younger: replicas of General Lee, Knight Rider, Herbie and the Italian Job Minis, and even the original Volvo P1800 that Sir Roger Moore drove in the Saint!

But it’s not the only part of the show, throughout the week-end an area is dedicated to the demonstration of British stock cars, allowing the audience to discover a wide variety of stripped back racing machines.

On Sunday, the Charterhouse Auction will provide the grand finale of the show, with its 89 cars and automobilia lots to sale, including a 1968 Jaguar E-Type, estimated to reach between £65,000 and £75,000!

1968 Jaguar E-Type Series II 4.2 Coupé 1

A lot of clubs have confirmed their attendance and over 100 traders have booked their plot. The organizers are expecting the Bristol Classic Car Show 2016 to be the best one yet.

So if you want to take the nostalgia road , head to the Bath & West Showground in Shepton Mallet! We will be there, so, stay tuned for a full review.

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