Think big, think NEC Classic Motor Show 2016

Last week-end, we were in Birmingham, for the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, aka NEC Classic Motor Show. It definitely is the biggest indoor motoring event in the UK. Let’s have a tour.


For this 33rd outing, the NEC Classic Motor Show 2016 offered 1,000,000 square feet of cars, professionals and clubs. Despite such a space, it was hard to move. It was completely crowded for 3 days! But it was really worth it, it was pure delight for the classic car enthusiasts.

The biggest classic motoring club event in Europe

252 car clubs were exhibiting along with 21 motorbike clubs. Even Techno Classica Essen can’t compete. Among them, you could find a club for almost any British manufacturer, but there also were clubs dedicated to more “exotic” cars like the small German manufacturer Bitter, for example.

A huge autojumble

With 650 exhibitors and traders, the NEC Classic Motor Show 2016 is UK’s biggest indoor autojumble. It’s impossible for anyone to say they couldn’t find what they want, unless you missed the stall you needed. And with such a vast place, it could easily happen.

An incredible amount of cars for sale at the NEC Classic Motor Show 2016

There was also a huge area dedicated to classic cars for sale by dealers. In the middle of it, the Silverstone Auctions sale was probably the most impressive with no less than 120 cars waiting for bidders!

A celebrity meeting

The NEC Classic Motor Show 2016 was the place to be for a lot of TV hosts. Mike Brewer, Edd China, Fuzz Townshend, Jesse McClure or even Ant Antstead were there, and spent a lot of time on stage, while Tim Shaw was just visiting on Saturday. Sir Stirling Moss was also present for an interview, for our delight.

Dreams rides

The Sporting Bears offered dream rides during those three days. With a donation (its price depending on the car you wanted), you could enjoy a 10-mile ride in the passenger seat of beautiful cars. This club makes people dream come true for a few minutes, raising funds for children’s charities across the UK. From a tiny Nissan Figaro to the astonishing Pagani Huayra, people could enjoy memorable sensations!

Alas, it is now over, we can’t wait to get there next year!

You can find all our picture in our flickr gallery.

Photo Credits: Classic Car News, Poppyseed Media

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Zoute Grand Prix 2016, indian summer on the Belgian coast

Last week, Knokke-le-Zoute was hosting the Zoute Grand Prix 2016. This event is similar to Spa Rétrofolies. However, it is a little more posh, allowing the visitors to enjoy rarer cars scattered between the beach, the seawall and the town centre.

The Zoute Grand Prix 2016 is split in three events:

  • Zoute Rally: It’s a rally dedicated to cars built between 1930 and 1965. For two days, drivers could enjoy regularity races and nice rides.
  • Zoute Concours d’élégance: Evenything is in the name.
  • Zoute Sale by Bonhmans : Auctions in Knokke are on the rise. We will talk about that sale in another article.

Modern cars also have a dedicated rallye, the GT Tour, but it’s not our point, let’s focus on the classic cars.

The Zoute Rally

Last year, the Zoute Rally headed to Bruges, this year, the drivers could discover the area around Courtrai, including the Castle of Nokere. There, the drivers could enjoy a lakefront aperitif after a morning driving. On the Friday, they drove in plains that used to be battlefields during WWII.

The grid gathered astonishing cars once more. However the Porsche 356, Jaguar E-Type and Mercedes SL “Pagoda” made half of it. Fortunately, some manufacturers brought some of their most iconic cars, like BMW with a 328, that ran the Mille Miglia, or Audi, who brought Auto-Unions that ran Liege-Rome-Liege.

There was a lot of Italian cars as well. The more noticeable were a Lancia B24 Spyder America, several Ferrari 275 GTB and a couple of Maserati 3500 GT. Jochen Mass was driving one of the numerous Mercedes 300 SL there.

Zoute Concours d’élégance

The Sunday was dedicated to the Concours d’Elegance that took place in the Royal Zoute Golf. It was one of the main events of the Zoute Grand Prix 2016. From pre-war to 1975, the cars were just astonishing. It was also hosting both the Spider and Coupe versions of the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante designed by Touring in 2013.

The jury was more demanding than it was in previous years. The criteria were similar to Villa d’Este or Pebble Beach ones, ensuring a higher quality. Here are the results:

Winner: 1955 – LANCIA AURELIA B12

Winner: 1967 – PORSCHE 911 R

Winner: 1954 – PEGASO Z102



Winner: 1965 – OSCA 1600 GT COUPÉ






Winner: 1956 – MERCEDES 300 SL GULLWING


Winner: 1953 – FIAT 8V SUPERSONIC


Winner: 1968 – TOYOTA 2000 GT



Winner: 1961 – 1951 – ASTON MARTIN DB2 DHC

The Zoute Grand Prix 2016 is now a must-see in Belgium, like the Spa Six Hours, the Legend Boucles or Spa Classic. If you want to go next year, it will be from the 5th to the 8th of October 2017.

Thanks to Gaultier Vilour for his pictures, you can look at his photos on his Facebook page or on Instagram.

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Goodwood Revival 2016, still amazing

We already brought you to Le Mans Classic and Silverstone Classic this year. This time, let’s head to what is probably the reference of classic car races: Goodwood Revival 2016.

Al the picture we can provide you were made by Charles. He was one of the exhibitors, with the Galerie Stradale.

Goodwood and its unique atmosphere

That’s probably the trademark of Goodwood Revival 2016. To enter the event, you have to comply with the dress code, and unlike Le Mans Classic, the visitors do it.

From the audience to the organizers every one is dressed like people were in the 50s and 60s. The atmosphere is just wonderful. The location makes it even better, it feels like nothing has changed for all these years…

And if ever you get fed up with cars, you can enjoy even bigger, just as legendary, vehicles. The Goodwood Revival 2016 takes place on the Goodwood Circuit, which is a former airfield. So, you can find Crusaders, DC3s, Hurricanes or even Spitfires. Even if there is no Rolls-Royce on the track, you can see a lot of them in the air!

The car park is almost as astonishing as the paddocks. Some cars are there just because they don’t join in the races. You can even find modern supercars.

The accessible paddocks of Goodwood Revival 2016

Here, an Alfa Romeo 6C wearing Enzo Ferrari’s Cavalino, there an Aston Martin DP112. The mechanics work on the ground on a single-seater, and you can look over their shoulder! You can get access to almost everywhere at Goodwood Revival.

You are struck by the cars you can find here, Ferrari 250 GTOs and 250 LMs share the space with a horde of E-Types and Cobras.

On track, Goodwood Revival 2016 offered a real show

You could find these cars on the track. In the driver seats, there are a lot of famous names. Goodwood Revival is the only event where you can see David Coulthard driving an Austin A35! Win a race inj such an event raises the value of a car. The driver, sometimes hired by the owners, throw themselves in the race wholeheartedly. Sometimes, it’s even a little too much: seeing an E-Type having a brush with the rear wing of a 250 GTO is definitely impressive!

To sum it up, Goodwood Revival 2016 kept its promises. Some of the most beautiful cars in the world, in an appropriate setting. It’s a unique recipe, and it’s definitely enjoyable.

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Back in time at the Northleach Steam & Vintage Show 2016

Last Friday, we were traveling back to the future with the come back of the DeLorean. On Sunday, we took our ticket to the past, the real one. We went to the Northleach Steam & Vintage Show 2016.

Northleach has been related to steam rallies since the 1950s. A few years ago the event became the Northleach Steam & Vintage Show. It gathers a lot of full size and scale steam engines along with stationary engines. But they are not alone, you can also see vintage tractors, military and commercial vehicles, and obviously classic cars.

We avoided the rain on Saturday and came on Sunday, when the sun was shining, for the pleasure of the audience. The demonstrations of old machinery were just astonishing. It was the perfect event for children to discover what their grand parents and even their parents life was like.

Here is a little sample of all the beautiful pieces we could see at the Northleach Steam & Vintage Show 2016, you can see all our pictures on our flickr gallery.

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Great Scott! The DeLorean is coming back!

Marty McFly could have dreamed of it, DeLorean Motor Company will make it. Even if it’s planned to get on the road in 2017, the iconic car of Back to the Future is coming back on the roads. Between rumors and hoaxes, it is time to review the situation.

Thanks to a new federal law in the United States due in a few weeks, DeLorean Motor Company will make brand new DMC-12s. It will however be a heavily modified car, to comply with pollutionj limitations, but the style should be the same. Some of you might have seen the design below. It has nothing to do with a DeLorean. It actually is a rendering of Maxime de Keiser, made in 2011, about a modernj De Tomaso Mangusta ! You can find the De Tomaso Mangusta Heritage on Les Forges MDK website. This info has even been shared on DMC  website.

The rendering of Maxime de Keiser, called DeTomaso Mangusta Heritage, has beeen lately shared everywhere on the internet with a DMC badge.

The rendering of Maxime de Keiser, called DeTomaso Mangusta Heritage, has been lately shared everywhere on the internet with a DMC badge.

Since that rumor is now debunked, let’s talk about the real thing. The new law is the US allows manufacturers making low-volume cars to avoid security tests, but that law states that “the only cars allowed to be built under this legislation are those that resemble production vehicles manufactured at least 25 years ago“. DMC plans on making brand new DMC-12s according to that law. However, to comply with environmental legislation the car will feature a brand new engine (DMC announced 260 hp on their blog, we are far from the 130 hp of the PRV V6). However, the original chassis and bodywork should be kept, even if they have to be modified to receive the new mechanical parts.

The new car should share its look with its famous predecessor.

The new car should share its look with its famous predecessor.

DMC has not shared any pictures of the new car yet, since it’s still under development. However, considering they 3D Scanned every part of the body… We can suppose there will be no major difference with the original car.

While awaiting the real thing, don’t get over 88 mph !

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A lovely Sunday at Tetbury Classic Car Show 2016

Last Sunday, we headed to Tetbury for the Tetbury Classic Car Show 2016. Despite the cloudy weather, there were hundreds of cars to see and a lot of people came.

You might think I spend my time in the Cotswolds. It’s true, I won’t deny it. But with such lovely events, it would be a shame to avoid them. This week, the Tetbury Classic Car Show 2016 was raising funds for Allsorts and several local causes. Once again, a lot of people came to show their car for such an event, and the audience was there as well.

From the popular Vauxhall Nova to the quite rare (2 cars registered in the UK) Lamborghini Islero, you could enjoy almost any kind of car ever made. You can find a little sample below, and all our pictures in our flickr gallery.

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Lovely cars gathered for Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival

Last Sunday, we headed to the Cotswolds, for the Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival. It gathered several hundreds of classic cars, for our greatest pleasure.

The Rotary Club of Tewkesbury organised this event in order to rase funds for the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, and what a show! Over 700 cars and more than 200 bikes were there. From the early eras to the latest dream cars, you could enjoy anything.

Like in Mark, Milton Keynes or even Gloucester, it was possible to admire all the finest Birtish cars From the humble Austin Seven to the gigantic Rolls Royce 28HP, you could enjoy almost any car that marked the debut of British automotive History. You could also enjoy some far younger Fords or Jaguars.

However, if you enjoyed more exotic cars, there were a lot of cars from Europe and abroad as well. The Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival mixed them with the British ones.

Anyway, whatever car you liked the owners were there to talk about it and share their passion. It was really enjoyable for me, since I was there to write this article. But I was also showing my car. And definitely passion has no borders. People were even pleased to see that foreigners were allowed like anyone else.

The Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival was definitely a welcoming event, with a lot of cars and market stalls. It’s a perfect family event and we can not wait for next year!

You can have a look at all our pictures in our flickr gallery.

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The XKD 501 Jaguar D-Type, from Le Mans to Monterey

The Jaguar D-Type is a famous raving car. This one, S/N XKD 501, is quite peculiar and it will be on auction at Monterey, by RM Auctions.

The Jaguar D-Type is the direct descendant of the C-Type. With two winnings at Le Mans in 1951 and 1953 for the C-Type, the newcomer has to be a quite competitive car. The D-Type appears at Le Mans in 1954 and shows potential, even if it does not win.

The XKD 501 D-Type

After building 6 cars for its official team, Jaguar needs to build more cars to have it homologated. 54 more cars are built for private teams. The first one to get out of the factory wears the serial number XKD 501. This car joins one of the most famous private Jaguar racing teams, the Ecurie Ecosse.

Racing debuts in 1955

The car can not be part of its first two races. Jimmy Stewart, Jackie’s elder brother, crashes it during practice sessions at Silverstone and at the Nürburgring. For both accidents, the car has to be sent back to the factory to be repaired.

Ninian Sanderson takes the 6th place of the race opening the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. The following races bring vicotries and second places to Titterington at Chaterhall and Snetterton. He is teamed up with Sanderson for the 9 Hours of Goodwood, where they take the second place!

In August, Sanderson wins both races at Crimond, while Titterington ends in second place at Aintree.


1956, XKD 501 takes the lead

The season starts in April, with a third place for Sanderson & Lawrence at Aintree and Chaterhall. Sanderson retires, while Flockhart and the Ecurie Ecosse get the 2nd and 3rd places, before their first registration to Le Mans.

Jaguar aligns 3 official D-Types, but they are not the ones that prove the performances of the D-Type. They all have troubles during the race and finally, it’s the car from the Ecurie Ecosse, XKD 501, wearing #4 and driven by Flockhart & Sanderson, that ouwits Aston Martin. This car gets into history, winning Le Mans !

The results will be far less exciting, with only a third place at Goodwood.

Since 1957, less races

Jaguar officially retires in 1957. The Ecurie Ecosse manages the official D-Types, but XKD 501 is not used anymore.

It races at the Mille Miglia, driven by Flockhart, but does not finish.

In 1958, the ony race of XKD 501 is a club race at Aintree, where it gets the 7th place. It is used until 1960, before retiring.

The XKD 501 D-Type, outside of the tracks

The Ecurie Ecosse uses XKD 501 for exhibitions until they sell it in 1970. It is then put back to its 1956 Le Mans specifications. It is completely restored, the engine is even sent back to Jaguar for a complete rebuild.

In 1999, the car joins an American collection. It joins the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance where it wins in both its categories: Racing Jaguar and Road & Track.

XKD 501 will be on sale at Monterey, with RM Auctions Sotheby’s

It is the main sale of RM Auctions Sotheby’s auction in Monterey. The lots proposed are astonishing, but this is the most expensive car, according to its estimated price : between $20 and $25 billions!

We will present the whole program of that auction soon.

Photos : RM Auctions Sotheby’s

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A quick tour at Mark Moor International Vehicle Festival

After some huge events like Le Mans Classic and Silverstone Classic, coming back to a human-sized event is quite refreshing. The Mark Moor International Vehicle Festival was perfect to get back to “reality”.

Dozens of cars were gathered in the village of Mark, for the pleasure of the visitors. From the early days of automotive engineering to the latest sports car, from Europe to America via Japan, everyone could find something to like.

Mark Moor International Vehicle Festival-10

Once again it was possible to see quite rare cars. There was one of the 79 Bristol 410 ever made, or one of the 13 Venturi Atlantique 300 ever built with right-hand drive (56 overall does not make it a common car either). You could also see a Sterling Nova, known for its unique door.

You can find below a little sample of all the amazing cars you could find at the Mark Moor International Vehicle Festival. All our pictures are available in our flickr album.


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Days of wonder at Silverstone Classic 2016

Last week-end, Classic Car News was at Silverstone Classic 2016. It probably is the most varied classic car event I have ever seen. From touring cars to Formula 1, almost any kind of competition was sampled on this famous race track.

Before reaching the track, you lose your head.

Just after getting through the gates, you see classics all around. A huge lot of clubs came to Silverstone Classic 2016, for our greatest pleasure! From AC to Zagato, you could see all the best cars produced in the UK, and even abroad.

Like at Le Mans Classic, Porsche had a quite unique area, gathering the cars of the Porsche Club GB, and hosting a restoration contest between all the Porsche centers in the UK.

You could also see a Range Rover being restored during the week end. The team of mechanics managed by Fergus Walkinshaw did an admirable work, considering the time they had for this eBay Restoration Live.

The real show of Silverstone Classic 2016 was on the track

It’s quite obvious, with such a program, but you could really get tempted to stay in the club areas and paddocks. Let’s start with the “least” interesting part, the lunch breaks (and a 1-hour break saturday evening). There was no race at that time but parades to celebrate anniversaries. And there were a lot of them!

But you are interested in the races, and there is a lot to say about them, so let’s start. With no less than 16 grids, the show was absolutely staggering.

Unfortunately, I was not there on Friday, so we did not see any of the qualifying sessions. I also missed 5 of the races (being alone on such an event is a real pain to catch everything of interest). So please forgive me for the lack of pictures concerning the Formula Junior, the pre ’61 sports cars, the pre ’63 GTs and the Under 2 Liter touring cars (U2TC). However, I could see the other 11 grids, and wow! It was hard to not like what was on track.

Memories of Touring Cars

Let’s begin with the touring cars. Four grids were dedicated to them.The John Fitzpatrick Trophy for U2TC gathered 41 cars, mainly Austin Minis, Ford Lotus Cortinas and BMW 1800s. The Big Engine Touring Cars gathered 42 pre ’66 cars, and, as its name says, a bunch of American big blocks. Ford Mustangs and Falcons were fighting for the first places, while Lotus Cortinas and Minis were fighting with their lower power (and its was really impressive seeing them braking as late as possible to keep up).

The Historic Touring Car Challenge gathered 52 cars, from 1966 to 1990. Rover SD1s and Ford Capris were plenty, with some BMWs, Alfas…

The JET Super Touring Car Trophy gathered 31 cars that made the glory of BTCC, during the late 80’s and the 90’s. It was really enjoyable seeing the drivers almost as aggressive as they they were back in the day. The battles between the #18 Vauxhall Vectra and the #3 Honda Accord were just epic! But you could also enjoy E30/E36 BMWs, Ford Sierra, Volvo S40s and such.

Let’s beef the races up, here come the GTs

The Royal Automobile Club Tourist Trophy for Historic Cars gathered 54 pre ’63 GT cars, from the frail Lotus Elite, to the monstrous Tojeiro Buick of the Ecurie Ecosse.

The International Trophy for Classic GT Cars gathered 59 pre ’66 GT cars. It was a festival of E-Types, Elans, Cobras and Granturas. However, they were not alone. You could see a Bizzarrini 5300GT, the Tojeiro Buick (once again), or a few MGs and Morgans.

The endless hours of Endurance were back at Silverstone Classic 2016

I missed the Royal Automobile Club Woodcote Trophy for pre ’56 Sports Cars, and its 45 cars. It gathered Coopers, Aston Martins, Frazer-Nashes and a lot of other legends of the post-war era. Unfortunately, I also missed the Stirling Moss Trophy for pre ’61 Sports Cars. It gathered 30 cars: Listers, Jaguars, Coopers….

The FIA Masters Historic Sports Cars gathered 51 cars from 1966 to 1973, including no less than 16 Lola T70s! They were competing with Chevrons, Ford GT40s, a McLaren M1B, a Porsche 911 RSR, a DeTomaso Pantera…

The 90s Endurance Legends gathered 32 cars from the LMP, GT1, GT2 and GT3 categories, that made the History of 1990s endurance races. The “usual” Porsche 911s and Chrysler Vipers were joined by an iconic McLaren F1 GTR or a legendary Porsche 911 GT1. You could also see a TVR T400R, a Saleen S7R, or the mythical Jaguar XJR-15, celebrating its 25th anniversary.

At the pinnacle of endurance racing, there was the Group C, with these amazingly fast howling cars. 27 cars were registered for Silverstone Classic 2016, and a lot of them were already present at Le Mans Classic. Speed, sound, flames, it was a real show!

The other side of the Atlantic ocean came to the UK.

The Can-Am 50 Interserie Challenge Trophy celebrated the 50th anniversary of the creation of this North American championship. Since there was no engine size limitations, engineers created absolute monsters. That grid gathered 22 of them, from the “small” 1800cc Lola T210 to the ominously roaring 8.8 liter McLaren M8s.

You should have a little break on two wheels only

Wayne Gardner, Phil Read, Christian Sarron… Do those names ring a bell? Yes, they are famous racing riders, and they were (with others) riding bikes from the late 70s to 1999. The World GP Bike Legends was the smallest group, with only 9 bikes, but it was fascinating seeing such frail bikes going this fast!

Last but not least, the Grand Prix beasts roared at Silverstone Classic 2016

The Maserati Trophy For HGPCA pre ’66 Grand Prix Cars gathered the cars that wrote the legends of Grand Prix. Maseratis, Coopers, BRMs, Lotuses… these 51 cars were all there to remind us how it was back in the day. And it was really sideways!

The FIA Masters Historic Formula One offered a demonstration of what F1 was during the 1970s and early 1980s. These 33 cars showed what raw power was, combined with ground effect, the whole stuff dubbed by an amazing sound.

The Legends of Modern Formula One gathered a small lot of “only” 10 cars, from 1981 to 2014. It was the simple demonstration of the difference of the different eras. From the Turbo engines of the ’80s to the last V6s. You could enjoy the difference of sound and handling of these cars, going astonishingly fast.

As you can see, there was far more stuff to see than what I could gather to show you. Silverstone Classic definitely an event to see, if not every year, at least once, it’s definitely worth it!

To see our complete collection of pictures, you can visit our gallery on flickr.

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