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We tried it for you : MG B GT

We tried it for you : MG B GT

The MG B is a car we have known for a while, a French owner presented his roadster to our French team more than a year ago for a video report. This time, we could get behind the wheel, in a MG B GT !

Brief history of the MG B GT

The MG B is launched in 1962 and the GT appears in 1965. It is not just a coupé version of the roadster, it features several other modifications, such as a new windscreen or a different back panel.
In 1973 the MG B GT V8 appears with the Rover V8, a powerful engine compared to the 1.8 straight-fours.

In 1974 the design is modified due to the US regulations (the US were a major market for the B) and the addition of fat black plastic bumpers. Production will stop in 1980, making of the MG B the most produced roadster in the world before the arrival of the Mazda MX-5/Miata in 1989.

Driving a MG B GT : beware of the rain !

Valentin’s MG B GT waits for me under a february rain. The beautiful red/orange car starts easily and it is my first try at right hand driving ! The steering wheel is perfectly sized and the gear lever falls naturally in your hand.
The instrumentation is complete, even if the speedometer is in MPH, which a little disturbing on the French roads, but the car has been imported from the UK.
Our luggage stands on the “back seats” even if no one would sit in there, the backrests are 20 cm tall… It is still cold out there and we need to defrost before going.

After a few minutes to find my feet, the car appears to be really easy to drive. We head to the “Pays d’Othe” in the Champagne area. There, we can find winding roads in a hilly region, all that you can ask for a sports car but, today, the roads are completely wet and the rear axle keeps reminding it to you.
The car slides quite often but there is no big deal, this is easy to catch up. I have a few issues to place the car on the narrow roads we take, mainly due to the change of driving side. Valentin on the left seat is not completely reassured.

The driving is good and, once again, easy. The 98 ch of the 1.8 litre engine are helped by the gear ratio. The weight of this 1973 coupé is contained to 1080 kg. Due to the weather conditions, we did not give a try to aceeleration tests but it was said to need only 12.9 seconds from 0 to 60 mph.

This car is definitely designed for sport and, unlike most of the cars of this era, the brake pedal travel is progressive and precise. The rear axle wants to play once more, in a rapid curve this time, but no worries, you just have to keep it drifting. Even if the car is not really noisy (we can talk without screaming over the engine) the overdrive, activated by a simple switch, is more than welcome on the main roads, not to mention the fuel economy. To put it simply, this car is a clever concession between GT and sport.

It is time to give back the keys to Valentin, alas. A last look before leaving, it is really different from the roadster, the higher, more vertical, windscreen and the roof make the MG B GT a really enjoyable car.


4 etoiles



– Economic, even at use Tiny interior space –
– Sports car but not radical Defrost from an other time –
– Reliable car
Rarity 3-etoiles
Price £1,500 to £12,000
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