Lego and the Ferrari F40

Christmas is coming, and some of you might wonder what gift they can buy. Here is an idea, that can make both children and adults happy: the Lego F40.

Lego F40 - Box

Building the Lego F40

Some of you might already have the Beetle, the Combi or the Mini from the Lego Creator series. The Lego F40 set is not really different. Parts are split in 2 packs, in order to find your way easily in the almost 1100 bricks to out together!


Building instructions are cristal clear. They even have been slightly improved: the parts listed at each step are now highlighted on the drawings. It is really hard to get lost now. Book 2 to 4 hours of your time to build the car, depending on your skills.

The Lego F40 looks quite nice

Once built, the Lego F40 has the same proportions as the real one. Some parts are really well detailed like the engine, or the two opening bonnets. You can regret the lack of details in the passenger compartment, compared to the Mini or the Combi.

The overall look is the best from the Creator series at the moment. Anyway, the big child I am really enjoyed building it, and the Lego fan really liked some building tricks to get the shapes that are the trademark of the real F40.


Rating: 5 étoiles
Buy: Here
RRP: £69.99

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