Goodwood Revival 2016, still amazing

We already brought you to Le Mans Classic and Silverstone Classic this year. This time, let’s head to what is probably the reference of classic car races: Goodwood Revival 2016.

Al the picture we can provide you were made by Charles. He was one of the exhibitors, with the Galerie Stradale.

Goodwood and its unique atmosphere

That’s probably the trademark of Goodwood Revival 2016. To enter the event, you have to comply with the dress code, and unlike Le Mans Classic, the visitors do it.

From the audience to the organizers every one is dressed like people were in the 50s and 60s. The atmosphere is just wonderful. The location makes it even better, it feels like nothing has changed for all these years…

And if ever you get fed up with cars, you can enjoy even bigger, just as legendary, vehicles. The Goodwood Revival 2016 takes place on the Goodwood Circuit, which is a former airfield. So, you can find Crusaders, DC3s, Hurricanes or even Spitfires. Even if there is no Rolls-Royce on the track, you can see a lot of them in the air!

The car park is almost as astonishing as the paddocks. Some cars are there just because they don’t join in the races. You can even find modern supercars.

The accessible paddocks of Goodwood Revival 2016

Here, an Alfa Romeo 6C wearing Enzo Ferrari’s Cavalino, there an Aston Martin DP112. The mechanics work on the ground on a single-seater, and you can look over their shoulder! You can get access to almost everywhere at Goodwood Revival.

You are struck by the cars you can find here, Ferrari 250 GTOs and 250 LMs share the space with a horde of E-Types and Cobras.

On track, Goodwood Revival 2016 offered a real show

You could find these cars on the track. In the driver seats, there are a lot of famous names. Goodwood Revival is the only event where you can see David Coulthard driving an Austin A35! Win a race inj such an event raises the value of a car. The driver, sometimes hired by the owners, throw themselves in the race wholeheartedly. Sometimes, it’s even a little too much: seeing an E-Type having a brush with the rear wing of a 250 GTO is definitely impressive!

To sum it up, Goodwood Revival 2016 kept its promises. Some of the most beautiful cars in the world, in an appropriate setting. It’s a unique recipe, and it’s definitely enjoyable.

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