Back in time at the Northleach Steam & Vintage Show 2016

Last Friday, we were traveling back to the future with the come back of the DeLorean. On Sunday, we took our ticket to the past, the real one. We went to the Northleach Steam & Vintage Show 2016.

Northleach has been related to steam rallies since the 1950s. A few years ago the event became the Northleach Steam & Vintage Show. It gathers a lot of full size and scale steam engines along with stationary engines. But they are not alone, you can also see vintage tractors, military and commercial vehicles, and obviously classic cars.

We avoided the rain on Saturday and came on Sunday, when the sun was shining, for the pleasure of the audience. The demonstrations of old machinery were just astonishing. It was the perfect event for children to discover what their grand parents and even their parents life was like.

Here is a little sample of all the beautiful pieces we could see at the Northleach Steam & Vintage Show 2016, you can see all our pictures on our flickr gallery.

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