The Porsche 935 also ripped asphalt on the roads!

The Porsche 935 was a fabulous racecar. A “GT” Sport Car that won Le Mans. But the car also existed in road legal version, Straßenversion in German. 

The Porsche 935 was a Group 5 car, so one part of its structure came from the road car Porsche 930. Other parts came from the Porsche 934, the “racing” 930. The 935 was a touring car, that means that the car should have been an evolution of a road car. However, the opposite happened.

The real-fake street legal Porsche 935 from Porsche factory

It was an option on the Porsche 930 catalogue. Your neighbour’s Porsche could become a Porsche 935.
In fact, not really. This is mainly a body transformation. It’s simple, take a Porsche 930, double the price and you find a Flat Nose Porsche 930. Performances don’t change at all, is just a 930, not even a 934.

The modification is basic, the lights come from a Porsche 944, the nose is flattened. On the rear, a big air intake is added.
The aerodynamics are better, the car is 5 kph faster and the line is not even like a 911…
Porsche sold 948 flat nose against 20.000 “regular” Porsche 930.

Mansour Ojjeh’s Porsche 935 Straßenversion

Mansour Ojjeh is a Saudi-Swiss businessman  who founded Technique d’Avant Garde, the famous TAG. The company is known in automotive business for being Williams’s sponsor at the end of the 70’s and early 80’s.

In 1982, McLaren is a non-performing team, far away from the podium monopolized by turbo engines, even with the “White and Red” money. McLaren asked Porsche to design a turbocharged V6. However, Porsche refuses to engineer it on its own finances. TAG then covers a part of the costs The engine is then called TAG-Porsche and Ojjeh gets 50 % of McLaren in this deal.

What about the Porsche 935? Mansour Ojjeh has money and a wish: drive a Porsche 935 on the road. Not a 930 flat-nose but a real 935. He asked to Porsche in 1983, and the factory built a special car.

The car is based on a Porsche 930. The engine is the 12 valve 3.3 liter, boosted by a KKK Turbo (found on the Porsche 934) producing 380 hp !
The suspensions and wheels come from the 935, but the body is… quite peculiar. The front cover, the bonnet and the side skirts come from the 935, the front bumper comes from a 930  and the rear spoiler from a 934 ! The interior is the same as a 930, but includes every option !

Walter Wolf’s Porsche 935 K3 Straßenversion


In 1979, four year before the Ojjeh’s 935, Walter Wolf also wanted a special road car. He lived in Canada, a perfect place to be peaceful on the road with a racecar !

Walter Wolf loved racing so much that he launched a F1 Team: Walter Wolf Racing. At the beginning, Williams F1 Team was named Wolf-Williams. But the Austrian-born Canadian businessman bought Frank Williams’ shares. The team became Walter Wolf Racing in 1977. The driver is Scheckter and the team won three races ! The South-African driver is second of the championship and Wolf fourth. The success flies away in 1978 and 1979. Thus, Walter Wolf Racing disappears.

Meanwhile he bought a Porsche 935 K3, the ultimate version of the car, engineered and built by Kremer brothers. It is the same car than the one that won Le Mans in 1979. The only modification is the interior: blue leather seats and electric windows!
The car is easy to recognize: Walter Wolf Racing stickers are still on it, as you can see on those pictures taken at Techno Classica Essen.


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