The Essential Guide to Driving in Europe

At Classic Car News and News d’Anciennes, we tend to travel a lot across Europe to provide you exclusive contents. However regulations may vary hugely from a country to another. Veloce Publishing Ltd. now sells The Essential Guide to Driving in Europe which is a real life saver for us !

The Essential Guide to Driving in EuropeThis guide has been written by Julian Parish, an Englishman who settled in Paris after years travelling across Europe. Nobody could be best suited for such a document. And he actually gathered tons of useful information.

This 144 page book contains everything you might need to prepare your travel on the continent from general long trip reminders to country-specific regulations. You also have information about ferry links, mountains roads that can be closed at some point, etc..

For each of the 50 countries included in The Essential Guide to Driving in Europe, you will find speed limits, specific road signs, driving equipment requirements, and general rules. These rules include drink-drive limit, minimal age required for driving, and a lot more.

This book offers a really complete documentation. I have never seen something equivalent in France, for example. I even have to admit it contains what I really needed to know before moving to the United Kingdom.

So, if you fancy going to a classic car event with your own classic, don’t hesitate. This book is definitely made for you.

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ISBN: 978-1-845847-88-3 UPC: 6-36847-04788-7
144 pages
Price £9.99 / $19.99


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