A lovely Sunday at Tetbury Classic Car Show 2016

Last Sunday, we headed to Tetbury for the Tetbury Classic Car Show 2016. Despite the cloudy weather, there were hundreds of cars to see and a lot of people came.

You might think I spend my time in the Cotswolds. It’s true, I won’t deny it. But with such lovely events, it would be a shame to avoid them. This week, the Tetbury Classic Car Show 2016 was raising funds for Allsorts and several local causes. Once again, a lot of people came to show their car for such an event, and the audience was there as well.

From the popular Vauxhall Nova to the quite rare (2 cars registered in the UK) Lamborghini Islero, you could enjoy almost any kind of car ever made. You can find a little sample below, and all our pictures in our flickr gallery.

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Lovely cars gathered for Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival

Last Sunday, we headed to the Cotswolds, for the Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival. It gathered several hundreds of classic cars, for our greatest pleasure.

The Rotary Club of Tewkesbury organised this event in order to rase funds for the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, and what a show! Over 700 cars and more than 200 bikes were there. From the early eras to the latest dream cars, you could enjoy anything.

Like in Mark, Milton Keynes or even Gloucester, it was possible to admire all the finest Birtish cars From the humble Austin Seven to the gigantic Rolls Royce 28HP, you could enjoy almost any car that marked the debut of British automotive History. You could also enjoy some far younger Fords or Jaguars.

However, if you enjoyed more exotic cars, there were a lot of cars from Europe and abroad as well. The Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival mixed them with the British ones.

Anyway, whatever car you liked the owners were there to talk about it and share their passion. It was really enjoyable for me, since I was there to write this article. But I was also showing my car. And definitely passion has no borders. People were even pleased to see that foreigners were allowed like anyone else.

The Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival was definitely a welcoming event, with a lot of cars and market stalls. It’s a perfect family event and we can not wait for next year!

You can have a look at all our pictures in our flickr gallery.

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The XKD 501 Jaguar D-Type, from Le Mans to Monterey

The Jaguar D-Type is a famous raving car. This one, S/N XKD 501, is quite peculiar and it will be on auction at Monterey, by RM Auctions.

The Jaguar D-Type is the direct descendant of the C-Type. With two winnings at Le Mans in 1951 and 1953 for the C-Type, the newcomer has to be a quite competitive car. The D-Type appears at Le Mans in 1954 and shows potential, even if it does not win.

The XKD 501 D-Type

After building 6 cars for its official team, Jaguar needs to build more cars to have it homologated. 54 more cars are built for private teams. The first one to get out of the factory wears the serial number XKD 501. This car joins one of the most famous private Jaguar racing teams, the Ecurie Ecosse.

Racing debuts in 1955

The car can not be part of its first two races. Jimmy Stewart, Jackie’s elder brother, crashes it during practice sessions at Silverstone and at the Nürburgring. For both accidents, the car has to be sent back to the factory to be repaired.

Ninian Sanderson takes the 6th place of the race opening the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. The following races bring vicotries and second places to Titterington at Chaterhall and Snetterton. He is teamed up with Sanderson for the 9 Hours of Goodwood, where they take the second place!

In August, Sanderson wins both races at Crimond, while Titterington ends in second place at Aintree.


1956, XKD 501 takes the lead

The season starts in April, with a third place for Sanderson & Lawrence at Aintree and Chaterhall. Sanderson retires, while Flockhart and the Ecurie Ecosse get the 2nd and 3rd places, before their first registration to Le Mans.

Jaguar aligns 3 official D-Types, but they are not the ones that prove the performances of the D-Type. They all have troubles during the race and finally, it’s the car from the Ecurie Ecosse, XKD 501, wearing #4 and driven by Flockhart & Sanderson, that ouwits Aston Martin. This car gets into history, winning Le Mans !

The results will be far less exciting, with only a third place at Goodwood.

Since 1957, less races

Jaguar officially retires in 1957. The Ecurie Ecosse manages the official D-Types, but XKD 501 is not used anymore.

It races at the Mille Miglia, driven by Flockhart, but does not finish.

In 1958, the ony race of XKD 501 is a club race at Aintree, where it gets the 7th place. It is used until 1960, before retiring.

The XKD 501 D-Type, outside of the tracks

The Ecurie Ecosse uses XKD 501 for exhibitions until they sell it in 1970. It is then put back to its 1956 Le Mans specifications. It is completely restored, the engine is even sent back to Jaguar for a complete rebuild.

In 1999, the car joins an American collection. It joins the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance where it wins in both its categories: Racing Jaguar and Road & Track.

XKD 501 will be on sale at Monterey, with RM Auctions Sotheby’s

It is the main sale of RM Auctions Sotheby’s auction in Monterey. The lots proposed are astonishing, but this is the most expensive car, according to its estimated price : between $20 and $25 billions!

We will present the whole program of that auction soon.

Photos : RM Auctions Sotheby’s

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Gloucester Motor Show 2016: Sad weather for joyful people

Last weekend, Highnam Court hosted the Gloucester Motor Show 2016. From the oldest to the newest car, it was definitely a place to be for a car enthusiast, as we described it a few days ago.

Despite the rain, a lot of people came here to see the beautiful vehicles exposed. But the Gloucester Motor Show 2016 also offered a lot of activities, like the Fashion and Style Marquee for the ladies, or several areas dedicated to the children. You could attend a demonstration of traditional dance or a gospel concert on the Saturday afternoon.

This event is definitely focused on cars, hence its name. All the local dealers were here to introduce their range. Allowing us to discover the latest Audi R8 or the latest Ford Mustang (finally with a wheel on the right side!), for example.

But the best part of the Gloucester Motor Show 2016 is definitely the classic and vintage cars brought by enthusiast owners. Lagonda, Sunbeam, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Bentley, Austin… All the British finest brands were here for our greatest pleasure.

More modern cars were there as well, allowing people to enjoy European and Japanese cars.

There were some peculiar cars to notice. The first Range Rover P38 delivered to the Police, that escorted Lady Diana’s hearse was there. There was a French Amilcar cyclecar too (the story suggests it was buried during World War II to avoid being taken). You could see a really rare Hillman Zagato Imp (only 3 were produced in 1963-1964). The Auto Union “Ugly Duckling” prototype, designed by Paul Jaray, was there as well. Its aerodynamic design was impossible to miss.

The Gloucester Motor Show 2016 welcomed old lorries and tractors as well, and a small area was dedicated to old machinery.

It definitely was a nice show, and the owners were really kind. It was a pleasure sharing a small talk about their car. If you missed it this year, save the date for 2017 !

You can find all our photos in our album.


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Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or 2016 : a nice success for nice cars

Last week-end, between Spa Classic and Le Mans Classic, race cars from any era were gathered at the Dijon-Prenois circuit for the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or 2016. It was once again a success, but it’s not chance.

Throughout the week, organizers, drivers and audience checked the sky. With the bad weather in France the previous days, it was likely to rain during the weekend. It would be a shame if it did…

Fortunately, the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or 2016 nearly avoided all the showers. The sky was grey, but since Friday afternoon, rain was replaced by clouds and a dry track.

Friday the audience was small, but it was a bunch of enthusiasts. There was only a few car in the club area as well. However, it was radically different the next day. Collectors saved the date for the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or 2016. People came to see the Group C cars and the clubs. However, there were less people and cars than last year, due to the weather conditions. “Only” 14,000 people came this year!

The owners who had registered beforehand could drive on the circuit, during club driving sessions. Their speed was far lower than the race cars, but it’s not really usual to drive on the track of Dijon-Prenois.

For the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or 2016, the footbridge leading to the inside of the Parabolique  was open, like the access to the southern part, for the first time in a long while. The audience could go all around the circuit to see the cars.

For those who are curious about the engineering behind those marvelous cars. The paddocks were open to the public. You could see the mechanics work on the cars having issues, or just setting them up.

The main show of the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or 2016 is obviously on the track. Let’s start with the most expected group, the Group C cars. Even if some of them did not attend to every session (I could not see the Lancia LC2 race), some played the game. The speed is astonishing and the drivers don’t hesitate to attack. There is hardly any overtaking due to the difference of performance. However the sound of the cars is just staggering. The better demonstration comes from the Peugeot 905 and its engine that could have been in a F1 (the displacement is the same than the V10 F1 engine). Results will come in another post.

The small Formula Junior were not eagerly-awaited. Their aura is quite faint, even if they had some famous beginning drivers behind the wheel. However they provided an enjoyable show, their small size allowing overtaking and their relative grip offering some nice figures.

They were followed by two touring car groups. The first group, U2TC, featured the “small” cars with an engine of less than 2 liter. Minis, Alfa Rome Giulias and Giulia GTs, BMW 1800 and the Ford Lotus Cortinas were still in the first places and still fast! There were a lot of overtakings and it’s not that simple with a car that slides in every corner.

The Heritage Touring Cup gathered cars of bigger displacement, but those were definitely the Queens of touring car championships. The Ford Escorts and Capris are the fastest and the stay ahead. You could find BMW 635s, 530s, et 2002s, Volvos, and even a Volkswagen Sirocco.

Then we could watch the oldest cars, gathered for the Trophée Légende. This group was recreated by Peter Auto for the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or 2016. It gathered the stars of the 1930s: Bugatti Type 35, Maserati 8CM, Alfa Romeo 8C 2300s, including a Zagato and a Monza. To sum it up, cars you can not believe they can be this fast despite their age!

Of you enjoy Italian cars from the 50-60s, the Trofeo Nastro Rosso is made for you. Only cars related to Italy, but not only Italalian cars, some Porsche 356 Carrera Abarth were there. You could find a lot of Ferraris, mainly 275s and 250s.

The event also featured three groups of endurance cars.The  Classic Endurance Racing 1 gathered GT cars from 1966 to 1974 and prototypes from 1966 to 1971.

The CER 2 gathered GT cars from 1975 to 1981 and prototypes from 1972 to 1981. It was a real show, GTs were fighting against the slowest prototypes. You could see a lot of Chevron, Lola or Porsche 911. The races were really entertaining and the victory was determined only at the last minutes, despite the length of the race sessions.

The last endurance group was the  Sixties Endurance. It was THE race to see Saturday, in the late afternoon for two hours. A lot of teams from the Tour Auto were there, even if some cars were missing. I suppose they were saving them for Le Mans Classic, next month. There was a lot of cars on track, 60. Between the battles for the different places and the traffic to overtake, there was no time to get bored. The Shelby Cobras, Jaguar E-types were leading, fighting against a Bizzarrini. The race saw several safety car interruptions.

The Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or 2016 has now ended and we can not wait to see the cars once more at Le Mans. Concerning Dijon, let’s pray for a better weather next year.

Our 1900 photos of the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or 2016 are available in our gallery here.

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The Jaguar XKSS is back !

Jaguar-Land Rover Heritage is no more, this department is now called Jaguar-Land Rover Classic. And their first big annoucement is awesome, they will build 9 brand new Jaguar XKSS.

If you do not know the XKSS, do not worry, it is a car known by well-informed people. In fact, it’s derived from the D-Type which was a successful race car, since its debut in 1954, replacing the C-Type. The D-Type is mainly known for winning the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1955, 1956 and 1957.

By the end of 1956, Jaguar wants to stop its official racing engagement, letting private team race with their cars. However, it does not mean stopping the development, becaus ethe D-Type is not approved as a road car in the US, They need 25 “street version” cars to be approved by the SCCA.

Jaguar’s board decides to produce 25 XKSS, derived from the D-Type, with bumpers, luggage rack, hood and a passenger door. However the factory where it is built burns whereas only 16 models have been produced ! This car is obviously rare and, besides replicas, extremely expensive.

The new lot of Jaguar XKSS to be built will not really be a bargain, though. The price tag for the “brand new” models is £1 million ! Jaguar-Land Rover Classis says it will be the fruit of the best of Jaguar engineering allied with the original look of the XKSS and a XK engine buildt with the greatest of care. 9 cars will be built, to finally reach the 25 cars that were intially planned, back in the day. Production is assumed to start next year.

However, do not try to call your local Jaguar dealer. You will not be allowed to book one, unless you are a huge car collector or one of the best Jaguar-Land Rover customers.

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