Cars for charities at Gloucestershire Motor Show 2016

Next week, Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th June 2016, the Gloucestershire Motor Show 2016 will gather
hundreds of classic and vintage cars in the gardens of Highnam Court. It also will host the newest cars provided by over 25 dealerships and specialists manufacturers.

You will be able to Gloucestershire Motor Show 2016have a glimpse of the future as well at the Engineering Zone, sponsored this year by Renishaw.

The weekend will offer a lot of activities for the whole family from face painting for the children to fashion shows for both ladies and gentlemen (schedule here).

Local exhibitors will join the event as well. They will offer a wide range of products.

So if you fancy a lovely family weekend with beautiful cars, don’t hesitate. It is even a good deed, since the proceed go to the Pied Piper Appeal.

We will be there and provide you a full review, stay tuned




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Trophée Jacques Potherat, Vintage Cars on French Roads

Every year, the Trophée Jacques Potherat gathers wonderful cars In the south of France, (such as Bugatti, Alvis, Salmson, Amilcar, Lagonda, etc). Its name is a tribute to Jacques Potherat, a french automotive journalist who died in 2001.

The Trophée Jacques Potherat is a tour set on three days. Every start and every finish is set at Villeneuve-lès-Avignon. This year, it offered an interesting schedule:

  • Friday, discovery of the Camargue
  • Saturday, a lovely drive on the roads of Ardèche
  • Sunday, a detour to Barbentane (a medieval village) and Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Thomas arrived on Friday, just before the race started. The closed park was just astonishing: Bugattis, Delahayes, MGs, Amilcars…

The number of Bugattis was impressive. The Trophée Jacques Potherat gathered  Brescias, Types 35 and 51, and even a wonderful Type 49 Limousine featuring a Gangloff bodywork.

Enthusiasts of less conventionnal cars were also spoiled with, for example, an Aldler Trumpf Sport, a very rare Deguigand Sport, a Singer Le Mans, a BNC 53 and also a Bignan AL from 1922.

In fact, people did not know which way to turn. Between the Amilcars, Bugattis, Bentleys and other Delahaye, the best of the Vintage Cars were definitively gathered here.

Two Lombard AL3 were also present (the AL3 is a french Grand Prix car, unfortunately unknown). One of them owns a really beautiful record as shown on the plate fixed on the side of the car.

Concerning English Vintage Cars, a massive Lagonda M45 stood side by side with MG and Alvis “tiny” cars.

Leaving the park to find a good place to take pictures, other Bugattis were on their way.

The organisers gave the starting signal, the cars went by the Avenue du Général de Gaulle…

… then took the Rue de la République. Residents and shopkeepers went to the pavement to see that peculiar procession.

The cars passed next to the Philippe Le Bel tower before heading to the Camargue throughsmall roads and under a beautiful sun.

Just before lunch, the Trophée Jacques Potherat cars arrived to Le Grau-du-roi where they were impossible to miss, especially in the middle of modern cars.

The car park they invaded for lunch became a real automotive museum. For example, you could see four genuine Amilcar C6 at the same place!

Before leaving, Thomas took pictures of this two beauties, the Brignan AL and the Alvis 12/50.

The Trophée Jacques Potherat was once again a big success, even if it is no more included in the Avignon Motor Festival.

More pictures are available in this gallery.

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Race car delight at Spa Classic 2016

Once again, Peter Auto put on a great spread for Spa Classic 2016. Night races, Group C cars… everything for the enthusiasts.

Spa Classic 2016: an atmosphere

The week-end started with a perfect springtime friday. However, the two following days were quite cold, but that did not make the audience flee! 17,000 people came for this 6th edition. It’s less than the previous years, probably due to the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique, which was on the same dates.
Activities for the children, shops, areas for clubs, driving sessions on the track… the audience was spoilt ! However, there was no auction this year, once again, due to the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique. Bonhams preferred the principality to the Belgian track.

CER 1: Two Chevron B19 at the first places

In the Classic Endurance Racing 1 category that gathers GTs from 1966 to 1974 and prototypes from 1966 to 1971, two Chevron B19 took the two first places, Martin O’CONNELL & Sandy WATSON finishing ahead of  Philipp BRUEHWILER. Well-known drivers were competing, like the former F1 driver Nanni Galli, the watchmaker Richard Mille, le Mans 1969 GT2 winner Ralf Kelleners (son of Helmut Kelleners, winner among others of Spa 24 Hours in 1968 and 1970 and of Nürburgring 24 Hours in 1972) or even Peugoet CEO Carlos Tavares.



CER 2: Former drivers put up resistance 

Three cars did not compete, including the two Ferrari 512BB, 28 were on the starting grid, 18 reached the checkered flag. Welcoming former race drivers like Nanni Galli or Jürgen Barth, the Classic Endurance Racing 2 race kept its promises, with the success of  Dominique Guenat and his wonderful Lola T286. The GT2 category was wonb by Jürgen Barth, who won Le Mans 24 hours in 1977 alongside Jacky Ickx and Hurley Haywood in a Porsche 936/77. He definitely had not lost any of his driving skills.



Other pictures on track :

Trofeo Nastro Rosso: Vincent Gaye keeps his title

No real surprise for the Trofeo Nastro Rosso, a category dedicated to Italian GT and sports cars between 1950 and 1965. This year again, the local driver Vincent Gaye dominated both races, driving his bellissima Ferrari 275 GTB/C.
Ultra sport version of the 275 GTB, the competizione (only 12 made) is 150 kg lighter than the original and borrows its 3.3 V12 engine from the 250LM. This chassis, S/N #0957, was delivered to Luigi Chinetti’s NART in January 1966.
Despite a small amount of cars (13 on the starting grid of race 1, and only 8 at the finish line of the second race), this group is a real delight for the eyes, as well as the ears, the Ferrari V12 offering a unique sound!
Alongside Gaye, we find on the podium Lucas Halusa, second with the Ferrari 250 GT SWB Breadvan (S/N 2819) a unique car, and Georg NOLTE, third.


Race 1

1. GAYE (FERRARI 275 GTB/C 1966
2. HALUSA (FERRARI 250 GT Breadvan 1962)
3. NOLTE (BIZZARRINI A3/C Grifo Competizione 1965)

Race 2

1. GAYE (FERRARI 275 GTB/C 1966)
2. HALUSA (FERRARI 250 GT Breadvan 1962)
3. NOLTE (BIZZARRINI A3/C Grifo Competizione 1965)

Let’s have a closer look at the 250 GT Breadvan, a real curiosity at Spa Classic 2016, and Peter Auto events in general.
October 1961: Following a really rough argument between Enzo Ferrari’s wife and some of the brand employees in a luxury hotel, the latter are fired. Amongst them, there are the engineers Giotto Bizzarrini and Carlos Chiti, fathers of the Ferrari 250 GTO. Giovanni Volpi, leader of the Scuderia Serenissima, hires them.
Upset about that decision, Enzo Ferrari decides to cancel the delivery of the 250 GTO ordered by Volpi.
Volpi, and his new team of engineers, decides to upgrade the chassis S/N 2819, which comes from Ferrari 250 SWB.
Bizzarrini upgrades it by adding the components that make the GTO successful (dry sump, lower and more centered engine….) while Piero Drogo leads the bodywork design.This work leads to the 250 GT Breadvan, which is registered by the Count Giovanni Volpi at Le Mans in 1962.

The Breadvan was, according to its designers, more efficient and lighter (935 kg) than the GTO. It was true, considering how close it was from its “cousins” during the first hours of the race, despite having only a 4-speed gearbox. Unfortunately, the Scuderia Serenissima had to withdraw after these 4 hours, giving up the project.

Sixties Endurance: The unbeatable Cobras

Real highlight of classic endurance racing, this 2-hour long race mixes a great amount of cars (Jaguar E-Type, Porsche 911, Shelby Cobra….) from 1950 to 1965. Due to such a diversity, Peter Auto has a distinctive feature for these kind of races, rankings depending on the performance index of the cars, in addition to the usual scratch classification. It gives advantages to the smaller /older engines, faced with more powerful and modern contenders, like the AC Cobra, that dominated almost every race these last years.

Logic was observed, with a crushing domination of the Cobras at Spa Classic 2016. They took the five first places of this race that ended at nightfall. The Belgian duo Christian Dumolin / Christophe van Riet won ahead of the French Ludovic Caron, who was second at the Tour Auto, earlier this year.


1. DUMOLIN/VAN RIET (SHELBY Cobra 289 1965)
2. CARON (SHELBY Cobra 1963)
3. BEVERLEY (SHELBY Cobra 289 1963)

Heritage Touring Cup: Mestdagh & Thibaut against the Ford armada

The Heritage Touring Cup category is a revival of the merry years of the European Touring Car Championship (ie from 1966 to 1984). It was a period of big duels between manufacturers like BMW (3.0 CSL/635 CSi), Ford (Escort/Capri) or Jaguar (XJ12C Boradspeed/XJ-S).

Last week-end, the battle was really rough ahead. The BMW 3.0 CSL driven by Eric MESTDAGH and Pierre-Alain THIBAUT won the first race, ahead of a really Ford armada. They were unlucky for the second race. Thay had to withdraw during the last lap, giving way to the Fords. Yves SCEMAMA won with his 1971 Capri 2600 RS, followed by two Escorts, a Mustang ans a Capri.


Race 1

2. SCEMAMA (FORD Capri 2600 RS 1971)
3. BOISSY/BOURGUIGNON (FORD Escort 1600 RS 1974)

Race 2

1. SCEMAMA (FORD Capri 2600 RS 1971)
2. VAN RIET/DE BORMAN (FORD Escort 1600 RS 1972)
3. BOISSY/BOURGUIGNON (FORD Escort 1600 RS 1974)

Group C: Eyes and ears overwhelemed

It definitely is one of the main events of Spa Classic 2016. Group C specifications gave birth to legendary cars that took part in some of the most impressive races at Le Mans. At first dominated by the Porsche 956, despite a valaint resistance of the Lancia LC2, the category gathered new contenders to reach its pinnacle, due to Jaguar, Marcedes, Toyota, Nissan, or Mazda.
Some of the usual contenders were missing at Spa Classic 2016, like the Rondeau M382 driven byMr John of B, the Gebhardt C91 and the ALD C289 from the Lyons family, Richard Eyre’s Jaguar XJR-16 or the magnificent Aston Martin AMR1 of Tom Kimber-Smith.
This year, the reliability of Mark Sumpter’s Porsche 962 got the upper hand over Chriistophe d’Asembourrg’s Jaguar XJR-14, more efficient but not reliable. Like Dominique Guenat’s Peugoet 905, the Jaguar encoutered a lot of reliability issues, depriving it of reaching the finish line in both races.


Race 1

1. SUMPTER (PORSCHE 962 1989)
2. WARD (SPICE SE90C 1990)
3. FRANCE (PORSCHE 962C 1990)

Race 2

1. SUMPTER (PORSCHE 962 1989)
2. WARD (SPICE SE90C 1990)
3. FRANCE (PORSCHE 962C 1990)

We’ll be in touch next year, for the seventh edition of Spa Classic. Meanwhile, the contenders of Peter Auto races will be gathered again in two weeks, for the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or, on Dijon-Prenois racetrack. One month later, on July 8th-9th-10th, it will be Le Mans Classic, Peter Auto’s main event, where 110,000 peolpe are expected!

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RM Auctions at Monaco, €31 millions, but a lot of unsold cars

After the Bonhams sale, it was time for the sale of RM Auctions at Monaco, still during the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique. Several millions were gathered, but a lot of cars are still unsold.

First results: the Quattroruote Collection

The RM Auctions sale Monaco was split in two different catalogs. The first one was the Quattroruote Collection, owned by Gianni Mazzocchi, creator and owner of the italian eponym magazine. The  42 cars proposed encountered success, the main reason is simple : no reserve price.

I won’t write here all the results, they are available on the RM Auction website here, but let’s just have a look on the two highest prices :

  • the first one is a 1939 Bugatti Type 57 Cabriolet with a bodywork made by Gangloff. The car is in the collection since 1964 and it was the show-car at 1939 Geneva show. Next the car was used as a demo-car by french driver Jean-Pierre Wimille. With an estimate between €500,000 and €600,000, the car went for €660,800.
  • second is a 1930 Hispano-Suiza H6B Coupé Limousine with a Linder bodywork. With an estimate between €220,000 and €280,000, the result is far from the goal, with €106,400 !

Other lots went for cheaper than expected expected but it’s also a good news for car enthusiasts.

RM Auctions at Monaco, 15 potential millionnaires, only 6 sold !

The second part of the catalog was more conventional. By conventional, I mean for RM Auctions Sotheby’s with 15 lots which could been sold more than a million !

The most famous lot was a 1968 Ferrari 275 GTS/4 NART, the only car of this type in Europe. The estimate was very high : between 19 and 23 millions. Too high ? Maybe, the car is unsold.

The second estimate was for a 1951 Ferrari 340 America Barchetta, with a Touring bodywork. The car was a part of the former Bardinon’s Mas du Clos collection and ran Le Mans 24 in 1951 an 1952. With an estimate between 7.5 and €9 millions, the sale price is €7,280,000!
Following, a Porsche 911 GT1, strange car because it’s not a homologation car but a former racing car converted to street legal! The estimate was between 2.7 and 3 millions, the adjudicated price is €2,772,000.

After the NART, three other Ferrari cabriolets were proposed on sale. The 1972 365 GTS/4 Daytona Spider and the 330 GTS are unsold but the Ferrari 275 GTS, with an estimate between 1.65 and 1.85 million has been sold for €1,792,000.

For the other potential millionnaire cars :

  • the only european Tucker 48 estimate between 1.35 and 1.85 millions, sold €1,344,000
  • a 1952 Ferrari 212 Inter Cabriolet with Vignale bodywork, estimate between €1.25 and €1.5 millions, sold €1,176,000
  • Mercedes 300SL, as other auctions, estimate between 1.1 and 1.3 millions, reached  €1,232,000
  • a Porsche 959 Komfort Series II, estimate between €900,000 and €1.25 millions, sold only for €896,000
  • Peugeot 908 HDi FAP from 2008, already seen on “RM Auctions aux Invalides” in Paris in 2014, estimate between €1.2 and €1.6 millions, unsold, once more
  • a 1964 Ferrari 250 GT/L Berlinetta Lusso, estimate between €1.55 and €1.8 millions, unsold
  • a 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ, with nice prize list, estimate between €950,000 and €1.2 millions, good pedigree, unsold
  • a 1930 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Gran Sport Spider with three Mille Miglia entering, estimate between €900,000 and €1.2 millions, unsold
  • a Ferrari 599 GTO estimate between €700,000 and €1 million, unsold

Concerning french cars, a Citroën Traction 15/6 ex Ms Michelin, first and most famous of the four car built, estimate between €650,000 and €1.1 million is also unsold.

Some other lots of the catalog of RM Auctions at Monaco were also interesting. But seemingly not enough for the potential buyers.

  • a Peugeot 250 Turbo 16, with two WRC wins in 1985, estimate between €600,000 et €800,000: unsold
  • first Niki Lauda’s F1, a March 711, estimate between €550,000 and €650,000: unsold
  • a 1953 Alfa Romeo 1900C Sprint Supergioiello, one of only three built, with entries in some races as Monte Carlo 1955 Rally, estimate between €490,000 and €580,000: unsold
  • a Lancia 037 Stradale, estimate between €335,000 and €355,000: unsold
  • Renault 5 Turbo Group 4, french rally champion in 1982, estimate between €250,000 and €350,000 reached the incredible amount of €476,000
  • a 1974 Alpine-Renault A110 1800 Group 4, estimate between €240,000 and €280,000: unsold
  • one of the 21 Chevron B36 built, estimate between €190,000 and €230,000 was sold but only for €168,000

Like Bonhams, RM Auctions at Monaco didn’t meet the success, and the 31 millions gathered didn’t help forget the number of unsold cars. Sales after sales, poor performances like this one become more recurrent. The next US sales will be interesting to watch.

All the results are available here.

Photos : RM Auctions Sotheby’s

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Bonhams’ “Les Grandes Marques à Monaco” auction is not a big success

Last Friday, Bonhams put some cars for auction for its sale called “Les Grandes Marques à Monaco” concurrently with the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique. And Friday 13th was not a lucky charm…

The classic car auctions tend to be less successful these last months. This auction follows the trend, here are the results.

Six potential millionnaires, only four awarded

It was the main lot, a C-Type Jaguar from 1952, ex Le Mans runner, with an estimate price between 4 and 5 millions of euros. It’s the good surprise of the sale, with €7,245,000 under the hammer.

The second and the third estimations of the Grandes Marques à Monaco catalog, an Aston Martin One-77 and a Ferrari 250 GT Lusso Berlinetta with estimate prices between 1.75 to 2.25 and 1.6 to 1.9 millions are unsold.


Second place on the sale price ranking, a Ferrari 288 GTO with an estimate between 1.3 and 1.7 million, sold for €1,817,000.
Third on the ranking, two cars with a price of €1,058,000:

  • Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix, 1925, with no estimate
  • Benetton B191/B191B ex Michael Schumacher, estimate between 220,000 and 280,000, so this is a very good sale price !

The last “millionnaire” the Ferrari 275 GTS form 1965, with an estimate between 1.5 and 2 is also unsold.

A lot of unsold cars for the Grandes Marques à Monaco

We noticed some beautiful cars proposed on the catalog of “Les Grandes Marques à Monaco”. Despite their qualities, some are unsold.

  • Porsche 959 Komfort from 1988 with an estimate between €500,000 and €600,000 reached €494,500
  • a 1957 AC Ace Bristol Roadster, from USA (estimate between €250,000 and €300,000 was sold for €287,500
  • a very proper Dino 246 GT, estimate between €250,000 and €350,000 also reached €287,500
  • a Porsche 911 Carrera RS Touring Coupé turned to lightweight in 2004, estimate between €470,000 and €570,000 stayed unsold
  • the very first prototype of Lancia Rally 037, with an estimate between €320,000 and €400,000 € is also unsold
  • one of the 53 De Tomaso Vallelunga, estimate between €320,000 and €360,000: unsold
  • an other rare italian car, an Iso Grifo Series 2 from 1973, estimate between €300,000 and €350,000, also unsold.

All the results are here.

Photos : Bonhams

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The Aston Martin Works Sale : Bonhams try again with unique-brand sales

A few months ago, Bonhams tried an auction sale with a unique brand : Mercedes. The sale wasn’t a success. Maybe this Aston Martin Works sale will show us that Bonhams could achieve unique-brand sales with success.

For the practical informations, the auction will stand at Newport Pagnell, Aston Martin historic base, on the 20th of May.

130 automobilia lots

The first 130 lots of the catalog are about the Aston Martin brand but concern objects, posters, scales models, parts…

We can find here some lots about James Bond, obviously, but also some rarities, for example, this 1:1 model of the One-77, which was used as a exterior design validation model.

The cars of the Aston Martin Works Sale

The main part of this auction is obviously the sale of the cars. Not only cars, and not only Aston Martins, because a David Brown tractor and some Lagondas are also present in the catalog.
It’s not a big catalog but we will focus on the biggest values.

The biggest of all is for an Aston Martin DB3S, built for sport cars races in 1953. If the car doesn’t have a prize list, its enterrring list is full of renown races such as Le Mans, Mille Miglia, with famous drivers such as Moss, Parnell or Salvadori. Out of the races, the car was also used by David Brown himself as his personal car.
The estimated sale price is logically high : between 6 and 7 millions pounds !

Far cheaper, you can find an Aston Martin DB4 from1963, a Serie V, Vantage convertible. It’s one of the 70 DB4 Convertible ever made, and one of the 5 RHD with Vantage engine. The rarity explain the estimated price, between 1.5 et 1.7 million pounds

Another convertible, a DB5 from 1965. It’s one of the 84 RHD cars produced. Price is estimated between £750,000 and £850,000.

Once again a convertible, a DB6 Volante from 1968, one of the 170 LHD Volantes. It’s less rare, but the perfect condition of the car and its equipments (power-steering and automatic gearbox), boost its price : between £1 and £1.2 million.

Here is a brief selection of the estimated top of the Aston Martin Works sale (after the main course we already offered you)

  • an Aston Martin DB6 Volante of 1968 with automatic 4 gearbox, est. £750,000 to £800,000.
  • an Aston Martin DB4 serie 1, 44th DB4 ever made, LHD, est. £590,000 to £740,000 £
  • an other Aston Martin DB4, a serie 2, also LHD, est. £550,000 to £600,000
  • an Aston Martin DB6, converted to LHD and manual gearbox. Est. £450,000 to £500,000

There are 4 cars for which we don’t have any estimatation :
An Aston Marin DB5 of 1963, red, a DB4 Serie 5 Convertible, Earls Court show car in 1962, a third DB6 Volante and another DB5.

The complet catalog is available by cliquing here.

Photos : Bonhams


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Save the date : Epoqu’Auto at Lyon is a show to discover

In France, Retromobile is the biggest show, and in Europe it’s one of the biggest. But there is a show in Lyon, Epoqu’Auto that we only could recommend to you !


Epoqu’Auto is a classic car show which happens each year on the early November.

The show is not as spectacular as Retromobile, but it is a big show with a lot of exhibitors, 600 (!) and very interesting car exhibitions.

Next Epoqu’Auto will occur on the 4th, 5th and 6th of November 2016, at Eurexpo, east from Lyon. If you don’t know the city, it’s a chance to discover it, Lyon is known as the capital of gastronomy !

Concerning Epoqu’Auto, the program has just been unveiled. We let you as judge :

  • an exhibition dedicated to Aston Martin and its history
  • another dedicatesd to Delahaye
  • racing cars, from every type, for the Autodiva magazine exhibition
  • Berliet cars, instead of the trucks we could see every year
  • Youngtimers will set spotlights on Honda and Toyota
  • Motorcycle from the Lyon’s brand Follis will be shown

The year definitely looks promising. the classic cars dealers are each year more numerous, the 58.000 visitors for all Europe are some potential customers they can’t miss.
For your car, (well for your French car, to be honest, it’s hard to find parts for cars from abroad), you can find at Epoqu’Auto a lot of spare parts, but also accessories, scale models, and clothes.

That’s not the closest show from the UK, but it’s probably one of the shows you wantto discover at least once.

More informations here.

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The Tour Auto 2016 was on Dijon tracks for our pleasure !

The Tour Auto 2016 is a revival of the former Tour de France automobile. The race started on tuesday from Paris.

The official start was by the way given at Chateau de Courances, and the crews take the road to Sens, in Bourgogne, for the first stage on closed road.

After that, the first cars and their assistances arrived to the Dijon-Prenois track where we were waiting for them.

When all the cars were ready, the first race started, the Group 3, with the older cars of the Tour Auto 2016. The battle was real between cars of different eras and performances such as MG B, Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta SWB, Ferrari 275 GTB/C, Porsche 356, Alfa Romeo Giulia GT… The victory was for the driver of a 275, which started in the middle of the grid but achieved a beautiful race.

The next race was the Group 4, with the HRC competitors who might win the Tour Auto 2016. 2015 winner, Jean-Pierre Lajournade with its Jaguar E-Type took the pole position, but just after the start his main competitors, Ludovic Caron and Shaun Lynn, both on Shebly Cobra 289, passed him to take the two first places on podium. The rest of the race was also very interesting, with some Alfa Romeo GTA, some other Shelby and E-Types, Porsche 911, a Citroën SM and a Lancia Fulvia.

The Group 5 gathers the most recent cars of the Tour Auto 2016. The cars are from 70s to mid 80s, when the Tour de France Automobile raced last.
On the track, the Ligier JS2 with a DFV engine make a special show, starting from the middle of the grid to win the race for only 2 seconds, and a final pass in the last lap ! The other cars also battle for every position, the battle between the Porsche, the Ferrari and the De Tomaso was just astonishing.

Last race, the regularity rally. Almost half of the participants are registered on this category and race in two separate groups. The goal is not speed, each car has to set a reference lap and during the “race” the pilot has to keep as close as possible to his reference time.
Thus, no real battle on track, except for the faster cars that have to avoid the traffic to make their time. Imagine the difficulties for a Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta to make its time with a Sunbeam Alpine which has a reference 58s slower !
The cars are plenty on track and we can discover some beauties, such as the Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta “Tour de France”, we presented you few days ago in this article.

It was a good day at Dijon track and the Tour Auto takes now the road towards Beaune. This week-end the cars will finish the race at Cannes and we will provide you the results.

To discover our complete gallery, click here.


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A former Le Mans 24 Porsche 911 was at Essen Show

At the Techno Classica Essen, the biggest classic car show in Europe, that you can discover in our article by cliquing here, you turn your head, and you see a 911. But on Porsche Classic space there was a special one, a former Le Mans 24 Porsche 911.

This Porsche 911 was so a bit special because it ran the Le Mans 24 hours in 1972.
The model is a Porsche 911 2.5 S/T based on the Porsche 911 2.4 S model and transformed, as 24 other cars, for racing in FIA’s groups 3 and 4.

The car was bought by Mike Keyser at the end of the year 1971 to run in World Sport Car Championship, known as World Championship for Makes at these years.
The first race of the car was Daytona 6 Hours, only 6 because of petroleum crisis, in 1972 were Keyser welcome his co-driver Jurgen Bärth, factory Porsche driver. The result was not at the end of the race, the car retired after 50 laps. At Sebring 12 hours, it’s the engine that make them retire.

In May, the car comes to Europe, at the Targa Florio the team arrive 10th at general and 2nd in the in their class. At Nürburgring 1000 km, the finished 13rd and only 6th of their class.

For Le Mans, the car arrive under the colours of Louis Mezanarie. Mike Keyser and Jurgen Bärth welcome an other co-driver, the swiss Sylvain Garant.
The race happen weel, and the sunday the car is 13rd at the general, but 1st in GT 2.5 class !

This former Le Mans 24 Porsche 911 ran two other big races in world championship. The first one, at the end of 1972, the Watkins Glen 6 hours, where Keyser, with Beasley as co-driver, took the 8th position and the class victory.

At the beggining of 1973, the car is engaged to the Daytona 24, Keyser, Adamowicz and Beasley took a good 8th place.

This will be the last race of Keyser with this car, remplaced by a RSR for the rest of the season.

The former Le Mans 24 Porsche 911 became a rally car and was modified and turned to G specifications. After some rally and some accident, the car was abandonned.
It was discovered few years ago and given to Porsche Classic to ensure a big restoration. The car has structural and body damages that the specialist of the Porsche factory repaired to present the car at Essen. By the way, the car refind is livery of Le Mans 1972.

We hope we will see the car on tracks soon !

Pictures : News d’Anciennes, Porsche, Revs Institute, Racingandsportcar


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Techno Classica Essen, the biggest show in Europe

We talked about it last week. We had the chance to be present for the biggest classic car show in Europe, Techno Classica Essen.

Some of you might say that the biggest show is Retroclassics in Stuttgart. It’s true, if you consider its surface. However, Techno Classica Essen is far ahead concerning the amount of visitors or its aura.

Let’s take an example, the central hall, hall 6. There, people talk German, French, English, and some other languages I don’t recognize.
Other exemple, when a show wants make a special exhibition about Mille Miglia cars, you can see Mille Miglia cars, When Essen wants to do an exhibition about 1955 Mille Miglia race, you get as many cars, and all have actually raced that specficic year.

The rest of the hall is full of cars, automobilia, leather, accessories or books salers. One big third of the hall is occuped by french exhibitors you don’t even see at Rétromobile.

The atmosphere changes when you reach the area dedicated to the car clubs. The cars are really nice and the scenery is well made. Several cars sold by private owners were available there as well.

Two halls are dedicated to part sellers, or they rather used to. Even if there were still some parts available, more and more parts sellers are replaced by sellers of magazines or apparel. And you can’t avoid the usual scale model sellers.

You could see really nice automobilia stuff, there were a lot of sellers spread all over the show. Only the oldest sellers can get the place they want. There was an interesting gathering of artists in hall 4 (and we are gonna talk about some of them in our Arty Saturdays).

If you wanted to see big spaces dedicated to car manufacturers, it wasn’t really an issue. VAG had its own hall, where Bugattis shared the spotlights with more popular cars, like Skodas. Some unseen Audi prototypes competed with the Miuras, considering how beautiful they were. And Combis looked up and down Porsche 924s. That space was really big and well-lit, a scenery masterpiece.

Mercedes was astonishing as well : as well as having a dedicated hall, they took a huge space in another one. Half of hall 2 was dedicated to their soft-top cars, from all periods and no matter their value. The cars were sublime and the scenery glorified them.
In hall 3, Mercedes partners were there to sell the best looking models in a huge space.

BMW shared its own hall with Mini, as usual. For its 100th anniversary, the roudel brand took more place than usual and the clubs prepared really nice exhibitions. For example, the M1 shown was owned by a private owner, it wasn’t coming form BMW Museum !

Ford, Volvo, Maserati and Ferrari were more discreet in Techno Classica Essen. Their stands were nice, but not as big as the three mais local companies. Opel put emphasis on their latest concept car, and a model wi will talk about soon, the Opel GT.

Let’s take some fresh air outside. You can find more cars here for sale. Private owners are alongside professionals and there are even extra cars for the big sellers we saw inside.

Between the best and lesser known sellers. No less than 2500 cars were on sale. Some stands were too crowded with cars. If hadn’t paid attention, i would have ended sitting on a F50 while trying to take a picture of a Porsche 918…
Fortunately, some stands were more airy. And the cars were wonderful, tens of Ferrari 250 and Porsches, obviously, you could go nowhere without seeing one.

Techno Classica Essen is over. It really is an extraordinary show and you should go there at least once.

Our other pictures are available on our gallery.

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