37th Bristol Classic Car Show: everything for the enthusiast

We were writing about it a few weeks ago. Last week-end, Classic Car News was at Bath & West Showground, in Shepton Mallet, for the 37th Bristol Classic Car Show. Between clubs, parts and cars exposed, any enthusiast could find what he was looking for.

The visitors know that, since there were a lot of people during the weekend. Some of them were looking for parts or tools at the autojumble stalls. Some others were just admiring the cars exposed by the clubs. In all, more than a hundred exhibitors were gathered in the halls, the pavilion and outside.

A lot of iconic cars from the pop culture

One of the main features of the 37th Bristol Classic Car Show was obviously the cars that appeared in TV shows and films. You could see Herbie from The Love Bug franchise, the three Minis from The Italian Job or a replica of the Dodge Charger you could see in The Dukes of Hazzard. There was also a replica of K.I.T.T. form Knight Rider and one of Starsky & Hutch‘s Grand Torino.

The first Volvo P1800 ever used in The Saint was there as well, in company with The Flintstones‘ Volvo. You could also see a Ford Capri from The Minder.

An astonishing amount of cars

More than 50 clubs were showing cars from all the eras of British motoring. However, owners could also show their own classic on the dedicated areas outside.

Bristol Classic Car Show 2016-698

From AC to Zagato, you could enjoy almost every car manufacturer from the last century. You could see a huge variety of cars, from the most popular, like Minis, to the most luxurious, such as Bentleys.

Some american cars were there as well, bringing an exotic touch with them. Cadillac, Ford USA, Buick, Chevrolet… There was at least one car for every brand that existed on the other side of the ocean.


To sum up, the 37th Bristol Classic Car Show, was a really entertaining event due to the cars, the small concerts etc. However I have one little reproach to make, the cars were parked a little too close to each other. It did not reduced the pleasure to see those beautiful pieces, but it made it hard to get you some nice pictures. In a word, I had to find something to be able to say it wasn’t perfect, but I admit it, it’s a minor argument.

You can find our 900 pics in our Flickr album.


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