Techno Classica Essen, the biggest show in Europe

We talked about it last week. We had the chance to be present for the biggest classic car show in Europe, Techno Classica Essen.

Some of you might say that the biggest show is Retroclassics in Stuttgart. It’s true, if you consider its surface. However, Techno Classica Essen is far ahead concerning the amount of visitors or its aura.

Let’s take an example, the central hall, hall 6. There, people talk German, French, English, and some other languages I don’t recognize.
Other exemple, when a show wants make a special exhibition about Mille Miglia cars, you can see Mille Miglia cars, When Essen wants to do an exhibition about 1955 Mille Miglia race, you get as many cars, and all have actually raced that specficic year.

The rest of the hall is full of cars, automobilia, leather, accessories or books salers. One big third of the hall is occuped by french exhibitors you don’t even see at Rétromobile.

The atmosphere changes when you reach the area dedicated to the car clubs. The cars are really nice and the scenery is well made. Several cars sold by private owners were available there as well.

Two halls are dedicated to part sellers, or they rather used to. Even if there were still some parts available, more and more parts sellers are replaced by sellers of magazines or apparel. And you can’t avoid the usual scale model sellers.

You could see really nice automobilia stuff, there were a lot of sellers spread all over the show. Only the oldest sellers can get the place they want. There was an interesting gathering of artists in hall 4 (and we are gonna talk about some of them in our Arty Saturdays).

If you wanted to see big spaces dedicated to car manufacturers, it wasn’t really an issue. VAG had its own hall, where Bugattis shared the spotlights with more popular cars, like Skodas. Some unseen Audi prototypes competed with the Miuras, considering how beautiful they were. And Combis looked up and down Porsche 924s. That space was really big and well-lit, a scenery masterpiece.

Mercedes was astonishing as well : as well as having a dedicated hall, they took a huge space in another one. Half of hall 2 was dedicated to their soft-top cars, from all periods and no matter their value. The cars were sublime and the scenery glorified them.
In hall 3, Mercedes partners were there to sell the best looking models in a huge space.

BMW shared its own hall with Mini, as usual. For its 100th anniversary, the roudel brand took more place than usual and the clubs prepared really nice exhibitions. For example, the M1 shown was owned by a private owner, it wasn’t coming form BMW Museum !

Ford, Volvo, Maserati and Ferrari were more discreet in Techno Classica Essen. Their stands were nice, but not as big as the three mais local companies. Opel put emphasis on their latest concept car, and a model wi will talk about soon, the Opel GT.

Let’s take some fresh air outside. You can find more cars here for sale. Private owners are alongside professionals and there are even extra cars for the big sellers we saw inside.

Between the best and lesser known sellers. No less than 2500 cars were on sale. Some stands were too crowded with cars. If hadn’t paid attention, i would have ended sitting on a F50 while trying to take a picture of a Porsche 918…
Fortunately, some stands were more airy. And the cars were wonderful, tens of Ferrari 250 and Porsches, obviously, you could go nowhere without seeing one.

Techno Classica Essen is over. It really is an extraordinary show and you should go there at least once.

Our other pictures are available on our gallery.


[…] Techno Classica Essen, the biggest show in Europe […]

[…] Techno Classica Essen, the biggest show in Europe […]

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