The Jaguar XKSS is back !

Jaguar-Land Rover Heritage is no more, this department is now called Jaguar-Land Rover Classic. And their first big annoucement is awesome, they will build 9 brand new Jaguar XKSS.

If you do not know the XKSS, do not worry, it is a car known by well-informed people. In fact, it’s derived from the D-Type which was a successful race car, since its debut in 1954, replacing the C-Type. The D-Type is mainly known for winning the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1955, 1956 and 1957.

By the end of 1956, Jaguar wants to stop its official racing engagement, letting private team race with their cars. However, it does not mean stopping the development, becaus ethe D-Type is not approved¬†as a road car in the US, They need 25 “street version” cars to be approved by the SCCA.

Jaguar’s board decides to produce 25 XKSS, derived from the D-Type, with bumpers, luggage rack, hood and a passenger door. However the factory where it is built burns whereas only 16 models have been produced ! This car is obviously rare and, besides replicas, extremely expensive.

The new lot of Jaguar XKSS to be built will not really be a bargain, though. The price tag for the “brand new” models is ¬£1 million ! Jaguar-Land Rover Classis says it will be the fruit of the best of Jaguar engineering allied with the original look of the XKSS and a XK engine buildt with the greatest of care. 9 cars will be built, to finally reach the 25 cars that were intially planned, back in the day. Production is assumed to start next year.

However, do not try to call your local Jaguar dealer. You will not be allowed to book one, unless you are a huge car collector or one of the best Jaguar-Land Rover customers.

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